Do natural deodorants really work? Rae Ritchie reviews

The warm weather and long, sunny days may feel like a welcome blessing after duller, darker months. Unfortunately, the sticky, stuffy discomfort the heat often brings can feel like more of a curse. Whilst the humble deodorant can may have morphed into one of our most sacred essentials this summer, rolling and spraying all of… Read more

Go for a safe sea swimming session with tips from surfers Jane and Myles Lamberth

Sea swimming

Jane and Myles Lamberth, authors of the Good Vibes Cookbook, love to start the day with some sea swimming and a hearty breakfast… We  love starting the day with some exercise and healthy eating. It gives you such a mental and physical boost for the rest of the day and a great activity to embark on… Read more

7 ways to stay calm when you’re a stressed out parent

Zoe Blaskey

Busy mum with zero time? Zoe Blaskey shares 7 tips to feel instantly calm when you’re struggling with parenting stress. “Being a mum is incredible. It’s also incredibly challenging,” she says. “I always try to support mums with the ‘incredibly challenging’ part. One of the reasons my clients tell me they can find it so hard is the… Read more

When women’s football was more popular than men’s football

Women's football

We’ve all been gripped by the men’s game as the England team reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup in Moscow. We’ve even caught ourselves singing “it’s coming home” on more than one occasion. But it wasn’t always men’s football which drew the big crowds. In the 1920s, women’s matches regularly attracted bigger crowds… Read more

Why failure is important for success and wellbeing

Spirits were high as people of all ages and backgrounds tuned in excitedly to catch yesterday’s World Cup semi-final. From those who have always adored football to those who had never seen a match in their lives, the nation watched as one. When England scored, we cheered as though we were a fellow teammate, right… Read more

17 ways to keep cool this summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year. We rediscover our gardens, parks and promenades after a long winter of neglect in the darker, damper months. Days get longer, the sky stays clearer and people seem happier. Now, we don’t want to sound like we’re complaining but… with the heat there are a couple of downsides…. Read more

Are you a morning person or a night person? Take our quiz to find out when you work best

We all know somebody who seems to be working to a different clock to us. For some people, dragging themselves up in the morning can seem like an almost impossible task, while others seem to bound out of bed with unfathomable energy. You may find that you are creative and motivated late into the evenings… Read more

How to bring nature into your home

Natural home decor

Bringing nature inside your home can really transform it into a soothing haven from the rest of the world. It’s a good way to reconnect with nature too. Each natural element you bring into your house should be carefully chosen and placed. Gathering them can be a therapeutic and mindful experience in itself. Sue Fan… Read more

4 healthy breakfast recipes for hot summer days

Dairy free berry smoothie bowl

Having a healthy breakfast can really put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that eating breakfast has a variety of other health benefits too – people who eat breakfast tend to have lower rates of heart disease and lower cholesterol. Jane and Myles Lamberth, authors of Good… Read more

Look inside Project Calm issue 9 – out now in the UK

Project Calm issue 9

In the new issue of Project Calm, we’re all about finding your own happy place – whether that’s outdoors or closer to home. Editor Lara Watson says: “We’re feeling the sunshine this issue and all the joyful colour that light waves bring to our world. It had us thinking about our own responses to colour… Read more