Win a copy of Women Design by Libby Sellers

Women Design

From architects and product designers to textile artists and digital innovators, Women Design profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence. Design throughout history has been profoundly shaped and enhanced by the creativity of women; as practitioners, commentators, educators and commissioners. But in a narrative that eagerly promotes their male counterparts,… Read more

How to celebrate Midsummer the Scandinavian way

Nordic flowers

Midsummer in Scandinavia is a magical time with parties lasting long into the night to celebrate the longest day, says author Brontë Aurell. Midsummer in Scandinavia Midsummer, to Swedes especially, is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. In Sweden, the date moves each year, as it is an official holiday – and it is… Read more

Am I lonely? Take our loneliness quiz to find out

Lonely woman

Loneliness has been in the news a lot lately and it’s something that affects people of all ages. In the UK, Tracey Crouch was recently appointed as the Minister for Loneliness to carry on the work of Jo Cox MP. In a world that’s so connected by social media, loneliness is often invisible – you… Read more

Use edible flowers to make a floral feast and find out which flowers are safe to eat

Rebecca Sullivan from The Art of Edible Flowers

Edible flowers can magically transform any dish into something stunning, but don’t just pick any flower and pop onto your food – they’re not all safe to eat! Rebecca Sullivan explains which flowers you can add to your food and shares some of her favourite recipes. Plus we have some beautiful recipes from Giulia Scarpaleggia… Flowers… Read more

How to be more mindful in everyday life and bring mindfulness into your daily routine

Woman walking

Even if you know that the mindful moments are where the real magic happens, it can be a struggle to carve out the time to create them in everyday life. The good news is there’s more than one way to become more mindful, says Annika Rose. Fitting a regular mindfulness meditation practice in among the… Read more

Yoga, wellbeing and mindfulness festivals in the UK in 2018

Mind Body Spirit

We’ve rounded up some of our fave events for mindfulness, yoga, wellbeing, music and more. Plan your trip and pop the dates in your diary! We’ll be updating this page regularly, so come back to see what’s been added to our calendars… Words by Gemma Harris. 2018 festivals Mind Body Spirit The world-famous Mind Body… Read more

Am I empathetic? Take our quiz to find out how well you relate to other people

Empathy quiz

Are you good at sensing when a friend is upset or do you find it difficult to tell what other people are thinking? Many of us are naturally empathetic and good at sensing the emotions and needs of others, but it isn’t always easy. Being empathetic is about understanding how another person is feeling, even… Read more

10 of the best sleep apps to help with insomnia for iPhones and Android

10 apps for better sleep for iPhone and Android

The average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep a night, which enables your brain to store memories, and your body to repair and grow muscle and tissue. Lack of sleep causes irritability, lack of concentration and reduced language skills, and is also linked to a rise in depression and anxiety, and weight gain. Take our quiz to… Read more

Best-selling author Matt Haig to give a talk about his new book in Bristol

Matt Haig

Matt Haig, author of Reasons to Stay Alive, will be taking part in Bristol Festival of Ideas on 19 July 2018 to talk about his new book Notes on a Nervous Planet. The world is messing with our minds. Rates of stress and anxiety are rising. A fast, nervous planet is creating fast and nervous lives. We are more… Read more

How to find your ikigai – the Japanese secret to a long and happy life

The people of Okinawa believe that the path to contentment lies in finding your ikigai. Héctor García & Francesc Miralles explore their wisdom and ideas… We all need a passion, a drive, something that gives meaning to our lives. You may have already found yours. You may be at the start of your journey, enjoying… Read more