7 ways to garden mindfully and find your inner calm

When life feels like it’s getting on top of you, spending time in a quiet garden can really help you regain your inner balance and perspective. By its very nature, gardening forces you to slow down. It’s not something that you can rush or do in a hurry and it gives you the opportunity to… Read more

Am I honest? Take our honesty quiz and find out

Honest woman

Are you an honest soul or do you tell the odd white lie? Would you say you like a present when you don’t? Would you make up an excuse to get out of something? Read on to discover some facts that you might not know about lying and take our quiz to find out just… Read more

How to love winter the Norwegian way

Norwegian fjord

Norwegian winters are all about skiing, cosy evenings by the fire and sweet waffles with jam. With its long, dark evenings, visiting Norway in the winter could be a gloomy affair, but if you embrace the weather the Norwegian way then you’re bound to enjoy your trip. The Scandinavian nation is still ranked as one… Read more

Learn about sisu, the new nordic wellbeing trend from Finland in the new In The Moment Magazine podcast

Joanna Nylund

First there was hygge from Denmark, then came lagom from Sweden, but now the Finns are getting in on the act with their own wellbeing ethos – sisu. And they could be on to something, because Finland has just been named the happiest country in the world by the Happiness Research Institute. Joanna Nylund, author… Read more

9 Instagram food photography tips for beginners with Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen

Bo's Kitchen food photography

If you spend hours admiring beautiful food photography and want to learn how to make your food look good on Instagram then read on – we’ve gathered together some expert tips to help you get started. Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen (@bos.kitchen on Insta) has put together this helpful Instagram food photography guide to show you… Read more

Join our Instagram takeover with Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen

Bo Porterfield of Bo's Kitchen

Meet Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen who will be taking over our Instagram channel on 24th-25th March! Bo will be running our account for two days and she’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes shots to show how she creates her fantastic photos, plus her take on vegan cooking. You can also learn how to create your own… Read more

12 reasons to visit Vegfest in Brighton

Adele Cliff

Comedian Adele Cliff shares 12 (very persuasive!) reasons to visit Vegfest in Brighton on 24th-25th March. 1. Cooking demos: Brilliant vegan chefs turn up the heat (or don’t turn it on at all if you stumble on a raw demo) and show you the world of wonder beyond the Linda McCartney sausage (I still love… Read more

Wake up happy with Pukka

Pukka tea sponsored post

We’ve all heard the ‘eight hours’ a night’ mantra, but how many of us actually get that much sleep? Around 50% of UK adults get by on six hours or less of slumber a night, and it’s taking a toll on our wellbeing. “Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for our health… Read more

Finland is named the happiest country in the world in the UN World Happiness Report 2018

A happy woman in Helsinki, Finland

The UN’s World Happiness Report 2018 has revealed that Finland is the happiest place on Earth – knocking Norway off the top spot. The report ranks the level of life satisfaction in 156 countries world wide based on Gallup polls.  This year, as expected, the Nordic countries all top the ranking with Finland taking the… Read more

Say goodnight to insomnia with Sarah Plater in the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast

Sarah Plater

Tune in to the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast to hear In The Moment Magazine writer Sarah Plater discussing her struggle with chronic insomnia. Sarah suffered from insomnia for a decade before realising that the solution was inside her all along. In this episode, she chats to Josephine Pembroke and discusses her struggle with sleeplessness and… Read more