Anti-inflammatory tea recipe

Feeling sore, achy, or in need of a pick-me-up? Try Rebecca Sullivan‘s recipe for a homemade natural anti-inflammatory tea. Soothing and simple to make, this tea is the perfect antidote for both achy bodies and period pain. Blended together, the ingredients will help reduce inflammation that comes from being on your feet, sport, arthritis and… Read more

#GirlsCount – join the campaign to help girls get an education and fight poverty

#GirlsCount campaign

More than 130 million girls in the world are unable to get an education. Join the online count in the #GirlsCount campaign from ONE, to raise awareness and help girls reach their full potential. Go to the ONE website, pick an unused number between one and 130,000,000 and simply record yourself counting that number aloud. You’ll… Read more

How to hygge in the summer

Summer hygge

Danes don’t just practise hygge in the winter – it’s an important part of Danish summer living too, says Kayleigh Tanner. It’s easy to assume that it’s all about woolly socks and cups of steaming coffee in front of the fire, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hygge isn’t strictly for winter – it’s… Read more

Mixed roasted vegetables recipe

Mixed roasted vegetables recipe by Rosana McPhee

Great news – not peeling your veg isn’t lazy, it’s good for you. Nutritionists are advising us to stop peeling as much of our veg as possible, and that includes all our root veg. Carrots, parsnips, turnips, beetroot – the skins are packed with essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre, all of which… Read more

Are you getting enough sleep? quiz

Are you getting enough sleep quiz

We all know when we’ve been burning the candle  at both ends and need a few early nights, but is your sleep routine giving you the rest you need? A recent survey by the Sleep Council found that only 22% of us sleep between seven and eight hours a night and over 40% of us… Read more

Cycling holiday down the River Danube in Austria

Cycling holiday - view from Maria Tafferl back down to the river Danube

Fancy taking in the scenery of the River Danube under the power of your own legs? A cycling holiday is a great way to explore at a slower pace, without the noise and stress of traffic, and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. And as you’re travelling at your own speed you can stop… Read more

Teaching meditation to children

Teaching kids to meditate

During the school holidays it’s likely you’re spending more time than usual with children, either in your own family or with friends. If you’re interested in teaching children to meditate you’ll find they benefit greatly from the relaxation, so try these simple exercises to improve their wellbeing. Successful mediation depends on whether you’re open to the benefits,… Read more

Wine yoga and other unusual yoga trends to try

Photo by Dominik Wycislo on Unsplash

If regular yoga’s not your thing or you want to try something new, there are plenty of unusual yoga trends to try out, including wine yoga (where can we sign up?). Read on to discover more quirky yoga classes and retreats you’ll definitely want to sign up for. Check out more related articles on yoga… Read more

Finding creative inspiration through leaf art

Creative artist Ellie Beck

Creative textile artist Ellie Beck finds natural inspiration in the rainforest surrounding her home in Northern New South Wales in Australia. On days when I’m lacking inspiration and my mind is in a turmoil (often from the drama of children’s lives), I find that the best way to calm myself, settle my mind, and focus… Read more

Get creative with In The Moment Magazine’s paper flower cut-outs

Paper cut-out flowers designed by Anna Alicia

Create an array of beautiful projects to make someone’s day using In The Moment Magazine’s paper flower cut-outs designed by Anna Alicia. Make an embellished paper flower envelope Gather together some flowers and foliage to make a beautifully embellished envelope. Finish the envelope by wrapping it in some rustic string. You might also like: How… Read more