Find your inner granny podcast

Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

Rebecca Sullivan’s book, The Art of the Natural Home, covers a range of traditional recipes and products for your home as well as health and beauty products, all using natural ingredients. Rebecca is an ethical food and agricultural academic and activist, who is passionate about passing on ‘granny skills’ to future generations. Back in the days of her great-grandma,… Read more

Download your free coffee stencils

Free coffee art stencils

What is it about a beautifully decorated latte that makes it oh-so-appealing? It’s all about the thoughtfulness and care that went into it, says barista and coffee lover Ryan Soeder. “Coffee art is not only fun to practice, but is a promise to the person receiving it that their drink was made with the utmost… Read more

Make your own stitched journal

Free stitched notebooks project from In The Moment Magazine

We love discovering new, creative things to do with our journal covers, and this simple hand-stitched look has caught our eye. Created by Anna Alicia, these simple graphic patterns are perfect for making a statement journal cover. If you’d like to have a go at creating them yourself, we have made some free downloadable templates… Read more

Make a homemade gem planter

Make your own concrete planter

This set of beautiful set of concrete gem planters has been created by Alyson Mowat. Alyson’s designs are inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city. She says: “There’s nowhere better to explore the cracks, crevices, fissures and faults where nature intrudes into the sharp lines of cement blocks. “Plants and concrete butt against… Read more

Makers Morning with Project Calm magazine

Makers Morning with Project Calm magazine

Head to The Forge Bristol for a Makers Morning with Project Calm Magazine on 10 December 2017. Join with other makers as we gather together and celebrate the power of handmade gift giving. Created by Alex of Alex Collins Designs and Kate of A Playful Day, the Makers Morning focuses on the best of making…. Read more

Can writing a daily journal create a sense of wellbeing? Plus 6 tips for starting your diary

Diary and a cup of tea

Writing a regular diary is not just a way of recording life’s memories, it can also be a potent tool for aiding wellbeing. From Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank to wine-guzzling Bridget Jones, the diarist is a powerful cultural figure. Check out more related articles on wellbeing: How to learn the lessons of the past… Read more

Join our Instagram photo challenge!

Take part in In The Moment's first Instagram photo competition

Hello Instagrammers! We’re very excited to launch our first ever Instagram photo challenge – the winning picture will appear in In The Moment Magazine. To enter the competition, we’d like you to share a photo of a calm moment with us on Instagram. Your calm moment can be anything you want it to be, from a… Read more

Make a travel journal to record your adventures

This beautiful journal is a great way to record your travels

Pauline Hagan combines funky metallic leather, neon pink and a map print to create an uber-stylish keepsake. Revive the traditional craft of bookbinding and make this travel diary. It’ll make a wonderful, personal treat for a friend – whether it’s to record impressions of their everyday adventures, exciting travels, new course or job. Check out… Read more

How to use calligraphy for mindfulness with Betty Soldi – plus mindful writing exercise sheets to download

Betty Soldi, calligrapher and author of Inkspiration

Calligraphy isn’t just a beautiful art form – it’s a way of writing mindfully while creating something stunning at the same time. Betty Soldi, author of Inkspired: Creating Calligraphy, says that people can find tranquility by taking some time out of their day to be creative. “We discover so much about ourselves by just taking… Read more

Pebble doodling for mindfulness

Decorated pebbles for mindfulness

Mindful doodling is a great way to step back from our worries – and gives us the chance to create something beautiful at the same time. Just let go of your anxious thoughts and allow your mind to drift while you work on your stone. You don’t need to have a plan or a design… Read more