Cycling holiday down the River Danube in Austria

Cycling holiday - view from Maria Tafferl back down to the river Danube

Fancy taking in the scenery of the River Danube under the power of your own legs? A cycling holiday is a great way to explore at a slower pace, without the noise and stress of traffic, and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. And as you’re travelling at your own speed you can stop… Read more

Take a calming wildflower walk

Wildflower walks

Wildflower walks are a way to escape from city life and find peace in the natural world, says Jen Chillingsworth Check out more related articles that can help you enjoy a calm moment: How to take a mindful coffee break Meditation with pets Mindful deep reading: the health benefits of reading novels  Whenever life feels too… Read more

Take a magical holiday in a tiny house – the Trewithen Tabernacle

Trewithen tabernacle Cornwall

In issue 1 of In The Moment you can discover four amazing compact holiday homes, inspired by the tiny house trend. And the Trewithen Tabernacle is another pint-sized pleasure in Cornwall… This tiny tin tabernacle for two is hidden away in the depths of the English countryside. Handbuilt by Cornish company Love Lane Caravans ( to the specifications… Read more

7 of the best walking apps for great escapes

Jake Melara woman walking

Walking gives you the chance to step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take stock. You can explore new landscapes, reconnect with nature, slow down and reflect on your life. We’ve gathered together some apps for iOS and Android to help you get outdoors and enjoy mindfulness on the move… AlpineQuest GPS Hiking… Read more

Top four summer festivals for creative and free-spirited women

Foodies Festival UK summer

We can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day or weekend than at a festival. So we’ve rounded up four of the UK’s freshest and most vibrant summer events (and no, not Glastonbury…). Whether you’re keen to try a new craft, eager to sample artisan food, longing to embrace the great outdoors… Read more

Meet our columnist: Sian Lewis, The Girl Outdoors

Sian Lewis The Girl Outdoors travel writer

Sian Lewis, one of our new columnists for In The Moment magazine, is a travel writer who loves wild camping, being by the sea, and the perfect cup of coffee.  What’s your daily routine? If I’m at home it involves a lot of coffee and writing on my laptop, probably followed by a climbing session… Read more

Photowalking for a healthy body and mind

Photowalk early morning mist

Combine daily walks with photo stories and let your feet and creativity roam free. ‘Photowalking’ is a visionary way to get you moving, clear your mind, and connect with your surroundings, as Tracey Ellis explains. Nothing gets me out of bed quicker than opening my blinds to the sun rising over Salisbury Plains, dramatic clouds racing across the… Read more