Anti-inflammatory tea recipe

Feeling sore, achy, or in need of a pick-me-up? Try Rebecca Sullivan‘s recipe for a homemade natural anti-inflammatory tea. Soothing and simple to make, this tea is the perfect antidote for both achy bodies and period pain. Blended together, the ingredients will help reduce inflammation that comes from being on your feet, sport, arthritis and… Read more

#GirlsCount – join the campaign to help girls get an education and fight poverty

#GirlsCount campaign

More than 130 million girls in the world are unable to get an education. Join the online count in the #GirlsCount campaign from ONE, to raise awareness and help girls reach their full potential. Go to the ONE website, pick an unused number between one and 130,000,000 and simply record yourself counting that number aloud. You’ll… Read more

Mixed roasted vegetables recipe

Mixed roasted vegetables recipe by Rosana McPhee

Great news – not peeling your veg isn’t lazy, it’s good for you. Nutritionists are advising us to stop peeling as much of our veg as possible, and that includes all our root veg. Carrots, parsnips, turnips, beetroot – the skins are packed with essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre, all of which… Read more

Chai spiced smoothie bowl recipe

Chai tea smoothie bowl

Get a taste of summer with this refreshing chai spiced smoothie bowl recipe from NanaBowls. Think thick, cold, creamy, indulgent and crunchy all in one with a perfect balance of warming spices! This smoothie bowl has absolutely no dairy, gluten or added sugars (not even dates or honey), so it’s safe for all you yogis and… Read more

11 recipes to cool you down this summer

Watermelon cooler recipe

As the summer days grow hot and humid, our thoughts turn to cooling recipes such as watermelon coolers and iced smoothies. We’ve gathered together a collection of refreshing recipes from our friends at Olive magazine to keep you chilled! No-churn banana ice cream recipe This beautiful no-churn ice cream is made using almond or coconut milk… Read more

How to take a mindful coffee break

Mindful coffee breaks

The best moments in writer and photographer Eva Maria Smith’s life are when she takes the time to enjoy a “cup of slow”… Let me tell you about of the most peaceful moments of my adult life. My daily coffee breaks. The minutes that go by as I watch tiny drops of coffee emerge from… Read more

Bo’s Kitchen raw hazelnut brownies with chocolate ganache recipe

Raw hazelnut brownies with chocolate ganache

Food blogger and stylist Harriet ‘Bo’ Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen loves to create beautiful food that’s good for you, like these delicious raw hazelnut brownies. Bo specialises in vegan recipes and definitely has a sweet tooth. Before she became vegan, she had a taste for Haribo sweets and her friends nicknamed her Haribo, which became shortened… Read more

Wholefood summer salad recipes you’ll love

Wholefood salad recipes seaweed salad

Summer’s nearly here and at this time of year only a good salad recipe will hit the spot — the healthier the better. David and Charlotte Bailey, authors of Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl, share three delicious recipes for you to make at home… Seaweed, wild rice, tofu, sesame and spring onion salad recipe This… Read more

The top vegetarian cookbooks of 2017 to inspire your meal plans

Top vegetarian cookbooks of 2017

We’ve gathered together some of the best vegetarian cookbooks so you can try new delicious and diverse recipes. A recent Spanish study found that a diet that reduces or even excludes meat in favour of vegetables, fruits and grains could halve your chances of becoming obese. And with recent stats suggesting around 1.2 million people in the UK… Read more

Meet our columnist: Caroline Rowland, Patchwork Harmony

Caroline Rowland In The Moment columnist © Jemma Watts

Caroline Rowland, one of our new columnists for In The Moment magazine, is an interiors and lifestyle blogger at Patchwork Harmony, Editor of @91magazine and author of The Shopkeeper’s Home What’s your daily routine? It’s quite varied, and mostly revolves around my daughter’s childcare hours. We are usually up early, between 6-7am, and when she’s at nursery,… Read more