Find your inner granny podcast

Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

Rebecca Sullivan’s book, The Art of the Natural Home, covers a range of traditional recipes and products for your home as well as health and beauty products, all using natural ingredients. Rebecca is an ethical food and agricultural academic and activist, who is passionate about passing on ‘granny skills’ to future generations. Back in the days of her great-grandma,… Read more

Download your free coffee stencils

Free coffee art stencils

What is it about a beautifully decorated latte that makes it oh-so-appealing? It’s all about the thoughtfulness and care that went into it, says barista and coffee lover Ryan Soeder. “Coffee art is not only fun to practice, but is a promise to the person receiving it that their drink was made with the utmost… Read more

13 ways to get the most out of your day off

How to make the most of your day off

Ever find that you’ve wasted your day off? It’s 4pm and you’re still in your pajamas, having watched hours of daytime TV or binged on boxsets. It’s easy to slip into the trap of doing very little on your day off and ending up feeling that you could have been more productive. Check out more… Read more

Roast squash and romanesco salad with kale pesto recipe

Roast squash and romanesco salad with kale pesto recipe

Autumn is a great time to start comfort eating – veggie style – and this beautiful recipe by Rebel Recipes blogger Niki Webster really hits the spot. Check out more healthy recipes: Emma Rice’s spicy chicken salad recipe Tenderstem, pancetta and goat’s cheese salad recipe Spiced chai smoothie bowl recipe Niki says: “For my roast squash… Read more

Wetnose Day for Animal Aid: 29th September to 1st October

Anneka Svenska Wetnose Day

#PoseWithYourNose this Friday, 29 September, to join in the fun of Wetnose Day. It’s the start of a weekend of fundraising for Wetnose Animal Aid, a charity that supports small animal rescue centres around the UK and overseas. Wetnose Animal Aid was started in the year 2000, and since then it has raised more than £45,000. It… Read more

7 ways to be mindful in the autumn

Ways to be mindful in the autumn from In The Moment Magazine

Summer has its attractions (sun, ice cream, light evenings), but we’re big fans of autumn too. Autumn is a magical season and there are lots of things we love, from the leaves turning to Christmas twinkling on the horizon. And the weather’s often better than in the summer (at least in the UK). The darker… Read more

Join the Big Pink and take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Big Pink

Join 80,000 people going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October to help Breast Cancer Care be there for families facing breast cancer. Gather your friends and family for a pink night in, host a bake sale for your colleagues or bring the community together to party in pink. Whether your event is big… Read more

Bowl food recipe: Salmon donburi by Emma Rice

Bowl food – Emma Rice's recipe for salmon donburi

Inside In The Moment issue three we uncover the secrets of wabi-sabi living, and if you’re feeling inspired by the wabi-sabi lifestyle, try one of these delicious bowl food recipes from Emma Rice. “I have always loved rice – as a family my ancestors lived all over the Far East, so I think that’s why I grew up eating… Read more

Bowl food recipe: Spicy chicken salad by Emma Rice

Spicy chicken salad recipe by Emma Rice from In The Moment Magazine

Inside In The Moment issue three we uncover the secrets of wabi-sabi living, the Japanese philosophy that embraces the imperfect. As Julie Pointer Adams, author of Wabi Sabi Welcome describes it, “a way of life that celebrates the perfectly imperfect – beauty found in the unusual, unfashionable places or objects, and in moments usually overlooked… Read more

Manchego, parmesan and Pink Lady apple croquetas recipe

Manchego, parmesan and apple croquetas recipe

These beautiful crispy croquetas are best served with a Brazilian-inspired smoked paprika dip. Make them as a tasty starter or a side dish with tapas! Check out more healthy recipes: Tenderstem, pancetta and goat’s cheese salad recipe Spiced chai smoothie bowl recipe Wholefood summer salad recipes you’ll love   Makes 16 croquetas Ingredients 2 large… Read more