Listen to our Project Calm issue 8 playlist on Spotify

Woman listening to music

Relax while reading the new issue of Project Calm by tuning into this custom playlist compiled by the team! It’s your soundtrack to the magazine. Click on the track below to listen to some of our favourite artists including Laura Mvula, The Cinematic Orchestra,  Adele, Kero Kero Bonito and Haim…   Happy listening! What songs would… Read more

What is a Feminesse Menstrual Cup?

Feminesse menstrual cups

Feminesse aims to modernise the perceptions of women’s health, breaking down taboos and creating a world where we can openly discuss all things vagina. At Feminesse we like to think that all women have the right to feel confident and believe in their choice. Whether that choice be what they do, what they wear or… Read more

Join our Instagram takeover with Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen

Bo Porterfield of Bo's Kitchen

Meet Bo Porterfield of Bo’s Kitchen who will be taking over our Instagram channel on 24th-25th March! Bo will be running our account for two days and she’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes shots to show how she creates her fantastic photos, plus her take on vegan cooking. You can also learn how to create your own… Read more

12 reasons to visit Vegfest in Brighton

Adele Cliff

Comedian Adele Cliff shares 12 (very persuasive!) reasons to visit Vegfest in Brighton on 24th-25th March. 1. Cooking demos: Brilliant vegan chefs turn up the heat (or don’t turn it on at all if you stumble on a raw demo) and show you the world of wonder beyond the Linda McCartney sausage (I still love… Read more

Wake up happy with Pukka

Pukka tea sponsored post

We’ve all heard the ‘eight hours’ a night’ mantra, but how many of us actually get that much sleep? Around 50% of UK adults get by on six hours or less of slumber a night, and it’s taking a toll on our wellbeing. “Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for our health… Read more

Check out The Flower Patch – a new gardening magazine out in the UK on 15th March

Out on 15 March, priced £9.99, The Flower Patch is the definitive – and most utterly gorgeous – guide to growing and arranging your own flowers. Even if you’re a novice gardener with limited growing space, the mag will show you how to cultivate beautiful flowers from seed to vase – and you can do… Read more

Women who inspire us from the In The Moment and Project Calm team

Inspiring women

To mark International Women’s Day, we asked the In The Moment and Project Calm team to tell us who they find inspiring. Some of them you’ll have heard of, but others are less well-known. From Mary Quant to Mary Wollstonecraft, read about the women who have inspired us. We’d love to hear your picks too –… Read more

How Bravery Magazine is sharing the stories of inspiring women

Bravery Magazine cover Jane Goodall

When Ashley and Elyse came up with the idea of an inspiring magazine for children featuring strong female role models, they didn’t expect the incredible response they received from the public. We caught up with Elyse to discover the story behind this beautiful magazine… Where did the idea for the magazine come from? Both of us… Read more

7 ways to cosy up for International Hygge Day on 28th February

Hygge time

International Hygge Day returns on 28th February 2018! Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) comes from Denmark and loosely translates as ‘cosy’, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a lifestyle, an ethos and a way of thinking that Danes use to refer to many different aspects of their lives. Denmark is consistently ranked among the world’s happiest countries… Read more

Catch up on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Catch up on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Did you know that we have our own podcast? Each month we invite someone interesting to join us for a chat – recent topics have included giving up sugar, finding your inner strength with sisu, growing your own produce and how to feed your brain. You can listen online, on Apple Podcasts and most major… Read more