Project Calm magazine issue 5 revealed

Project Calm magazine issue 5

We’re really excited to reveal Project Calm magazine issue 5, which goes on sale in the UK on 22 August. The new issue is packed with beautiful things to make, interesting features and ideas to fire up your creativity. Editor Lara Watson says: “If you’re in awe of the galaxy, you’re in the right place…. Read more

Teaching meditation to children

Teaching kids to meditate

During the school holidays it’s likely you’re spending more time than usual with children, either in your own family or with friends. If you’re interested in teaching children to meditate you’ll find they benefit greatly from the relaxation, so try these simple exercises to improve their wellbeing. Successful mediation depends on whether you’re open to the benefits,… Read more

In The Moment magazine issue 2 is on sale in the UK

In The Moment Magazine issue 2

In The Moment Magazine issue 2 is on sale in the UK on 27 July! This month, we’re bringing gratitude into our lives. “Being grateful is an uplifting experience all round, and it’s a topic we’ve explored this issue, looking at how recognising the things to be thankful for can enhance our relationships and our lives,”… Read more

Find your word – your personal mantra

Find your mantra Susannah Conway

A mantra is a word or sound used in meditation, but your own personal word can be used in everyday life to influence and inspire you. Susannah Conway helps you choose a word to be your guiding light – you’ll be surprised at how positive it can feel. Words like ‘goals’ and ‘resolutions’ sound positive, but do… Read more

The Clink Charity – restaurants staffed by prison inmates

The Clink restaurant lamb gnocchi dish

The Clink Charity runs four restaurants in the UK, created to rehabilitate prison inmates, in Brixton in London, Cardiff, High Down near Banstead in Surrey, and Styal near Wilmslow in Cheshire. Opened in 2009, the Clink restaurants now serve 4000 diners a month, and have reduced reoffending rates among the staff by 41%. The prisoners working in… Read more

How to take a mindful coffee break

Mindful coffee breaks

The best moments in writer and photographer Eva Maria Smith’s life are when she takes the time to enjoy a “cup of slow”… Let me tell you about of the most peaceful moments of my adult life. My daily coffee breaks. The minutes that go by as I watch tiny drops of coffee emerge from… Read more

Meet Ali Binns, our wellbeing columnist and CBT therapist

Mindfulness therapist Ali Binns In The Moment Magazine

Ali Binns is our Wellbeing columnist, and an accredited CBT therapist and mindfulness coach with her own private therapy practice in Bath. You’ll find her at What’s your daily routine? Ordinarily the mornings are a bit of rush, ensuring the kids get their skates on and out the door to get to school on time…. Read more

Meditation with pets

Meditating on the beach with a dog

Try meditating with your dog — you’ll  find a new way to relax and bring mindfulness into your life, says Pamela Robins If we take the time to stand back and watch the things our animals naturally do, it can provide us with a window into their soul. Animals have free will. They think. They… Read more

Mindful deep reading: the health benefits of reading novels

Jody Thomas illustration of a girl reading

Deep reading, also known as slow reading, is the mindful way of enjoying a novel. Instead of skimming over passages and getting sidetracked by social media, websites and other distractions, slow down and focus on your book. Stepping into a different world and escaping your daytime drudgery is just one of the many reasons for reading… Read more

In The Moment magazine issue 1 – on sale now

In The Moment issue 1

Our first issue of In The Moment magazine is on sale now, packed with mindful ways to live your life well. And our theme for issue 1 is “the little things”, so you can take small steps towards achieving your dreams and discover what makes you happy. If something seems impossible or too much of a… Read more