Do you care about others too much? Take our quiz and find out

Being kind and caring for others isn’t a bad thing, but do you spend too much time putting friends and family first? If you push your own needs aside too much, you can end up feeling miserable and unappreciated. Sometimes it’s good to take stock and think about whether your happiness is coming second too… Read more

How to find your creative flow and live a more mindful life

Creative pencils

Sometimes we feel like we’ve lost our creative mojo and it can be hard to find inspiration. Don’t worry though, because Jocelyn de Kwant, author of Creative Flow: A Year in my Mindful Life has some great tips to help you get your muse back again, from appreciating the natural world around us to practising observation skills…. Read more

11 reasons to be cheerful to help you beat the January blues

Daffodils in a vase

January is known for being a gloomy month, but we’ve just passed Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year) and things are starting to look up. There are lots of reasons to be positive about the New Year ahead, even if you haven’t managed to keep all of your resolutions so far. 1…. Read more

Experience sound healing with Sound Sebastien in London

Sound Sebastien meditation with Jasmine Hemsley

Did you know that 30 minutes of meditation can be as good as three hours’ sleep? Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks of Sound Sebastien will be bringing the healing power of Sound Baths to The London Edition on 15 January. Founded and curated by Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks, Sound Sebastien creates a sensory experience… Read more

Tune into your core values with Natalie Lue in the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast

Natalie Lue

Rediscover your core relationship values with relationship expert Natalie Lue in the latest Radio Gorgeous podcast. We all have our own criteria for the perfect partner, but could we be sabotaging ourselves in our search for happiness? Natalie Lue says: “Our core values are the things that we need in order to live our lives… Read more

How to meditate in the bath or shower

Woman showering in a waterfall

Is there anything more relaxing than a warm bath or shower after a hard day? It’s not just the warm water that makes us feel chilled out – it’s also down to our biology. Here’s the science bit: splashing water on your face triggers something called the mammalian diving reflex. Your body believes that it’s… Read more

In The Moment issue 8 is out now in the UK

In The Moment issue 8

Make a fresh start this January with our New Year issue. This month, we’re reclaiming our weekends, discovering inner wealth, testing out natural remedies and more. We’re also planning to make 2018 our best year ever by making our own vision boards – free with issue 8 of In The Moment! There’s the chance to win… Read more

Take part in our 30 day self care challenge!

Your caring nature and constant giving can leave you feeling depleted and overwhelmed if you don’t save a little bit of goodness for a certain VIP. Here’s Annika Rose’s tips how to take good care of yourself… You’re a caring mother, a loyal friend, a valuable employee and a loving partner. You live and lead… Read more

Win one of five £200 gift vouchers from Yogamatters


Set your yoga intention for 2018 and let Yogamatters provide all that you need to get started. Wherever you are on your yoga journey, setting your health and wellbeing intentions for 2018 will help to guide and focus your practice in the coming months. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Yogamatters to offer you the… Read more

5 things Soul Circus yoga festival taught us

Kate and Tiffany at Soul Circus

Earlier this year, we ran away to the circus – yoga and wellness festival, Soul Circus, that is! Set in the lush rolling Cotsworld hills, this yogi gathering was full of inspirational teachers, mindful mediation, affirming talks and unusual workshops. In The Moment Production Editor Kate Bennett and Sales Executive Tiffany Jackson went along to… Read more