Lily Pebbles talks about the F word (friendship) in the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast

Lily Pebbles

Blogger, Youtuber and author Lily Pebbles joins us on the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast to talk about the highs and lows of female friendship and her new book, The F Word. You can listen online, on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast apps including  iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, Acast, TuneIn or Soundcloud. Read on to discover a few of the topics we covered… Read more

Learn about sisu, the new nordic wellbeing trend from Finland in the new In The Moment Magazine podcast

Joanna Nylund

First there was hygge from Denmark, then came lagom from Sweden, but now the Finns are getting in on the act with their own wellbeing ethos – sisu. And they could be on to something, because Finland has just been named the happiest country in the world by the Happiness Research Institute. Joanna Nylund, author… Read more

How to give up sugar podcast with Hannah Bellis

Hannah Bellis on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

When self-confessed sugar addict Hannah Bellis went to the doctor about her skin, she was surprised when she was advised to cut the sweet stuff out of her diet. But, as Hannah found, quitting sugar was easier said than done. Find out how she got on in the latest In The Moment podcast. You can… Read more

Listen to our How to feed your brain podcast with nutritionist Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey, nutritionist

Christine Bailey, author of The Brain Boost Diet Plan, talks to Sarah Orme and Kate Bennett about what to eat to keep your brain healthy. Most diets focus on your body, so we were excited to hear about a diet that’s designed to supercharge your brain. In this podcast, we’re talking about what to eat… Read more

Making a foraged Christmas feast podcast with Rachel de Thample

Rachel de Thample

In the second In The Moment Magazine podcast, we spoke to Rachel de Thample about how she gathered and grew the ingredients for a very unusual Christmas feast – and discovered a love of foraging in the process. Listen to our interview with Rachel de Thample – ‘Making a foraged Christmas feast’ – on iTunes, Stitcher, Acast, TuneIn or Soundcloud…. Read more

Listen to our ‘Find your inner granny’ podcast with Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

Rebecca Sullivan’s interest in natural living first began with her work in the granny skills movement. “It’s all about protecting our elders’ knowledge and tradition and skills,” she says. “I’ve been working on this idea of us living more like our grandmothers for years and years.” Listen to our interview with Rebecca Sullivan – ‘Find… Read more