Am I empathetic? Take our quiz to find out how well you relate to other people

Empathy quiz

Are you good at sensing when a friend is upset or do you find it difficult to tell what other people are thinking? Many of us are naturally empathetic and good at sensing the emotions and needs of others, but it isn’t always easy. Being empathetic is about understanding how another person is feeling, even… Read more

Why does singing in the shower make you happy? Learn about the health benefits of singing out loud

Singing in the shower

Singing is such an everyday activity that its benefits for our mental health and wellbeing are often overlooked. But, increasingly, research suggests that belting out your favourite tune can keep you healthy and calm. Whether it’s among friends in a choir, screaming along to the car radio or at the top of your voice while… Read more

How well do you handle setbacks? quiz

It’s pretty stressful when things don’t go to plan, but if we work on our resilience we can be better equipped to cope with life’s ups and downs. Read on to discover some tips for handling setbacks and disappointment and take our setback quiz. How to be more resilient By working on our resilience, we… Read more

6 best apps to make exercise even more fun for iPhones and Android

Bored of the same dull workout every day? We’ve put together a collection of fun apps for iPhones and Android phones to help boost your daily exercise regime and motivate you, from zombie adventures to tailored yoga exercise sessions. Read on to find a fun app to liven up your workout… RockMyRun – Best Workout Music… Read more

Lily Pebbles talks about the F word (friendship) in the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast

Lily Pebbles

Blogger, Youtuber and author Lily Pebbles joins us on the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast to talk about the highs and lows of female friendship and her new book, The F Word. You can listen online, on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast apps including  iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, Acast, TuneIn or Soundcloud. Read on to discover a few of the topics we covered… Read more

What’s making you anxious all the time? Take our quiz to find out and discover common triggers

If you feel constantly stressed out and unable to get your worries out of your mind then there’s a good chance that you’re affected by anxiety. More than 8 million in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder – especially women and under 35s, while in the US around 40 million adults are affected. So… Read more

Step into spring with Pukka teas

Pukka Tea collection

Spring brings forth beautiful flowers, warmer weather and lighter days, and we are ready to enjoy everything that this new season has to offer. So the last thing we want is to be struck down by illness. Feeling ‘well’, both physically and emotionally, feels great and allows us to be the best version of ourselves…. Read more

Enjoy our calming free meditation session with Joanna Hulin of Horizon Inspired

Joanna Hulin meditating on the beach

Take a moment to slow down and meditate with this free meditation session provided by Joanna Hulin of Horizon Inspired. When it comes to making a big decision, we often falter or question our own intuition, or feel anxious that we’ve made the wrong choice. Instead of looking outwards for reassurance, Joanna suggests looking inwards… Read more

How body positive are you? Take our quiz and find out

Body positive

Are you body positive or are you insecure about how you look? Body positivity is all about accepting how you look and being happy with who you are. With the holidays approaching, we can put increasing pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, but where’s this pressure coming from? Is from ourselves or from… Read more

Am I honest? Take our honesty quiz and find out

Honest woman

Are you an honest soul or do you tell the odd white lie? Would you say you like a present when you don’t? Would you make up an excuse to get out of something? Read on to discover some facts that you might not know about lying and take our quiz to find out just… Read more