Am I lonely? Take our loneliness quiz to find out

Lonely woman

Loneliness has been in the news a lot lately and it’s something that affects people of all ages. In the UK, Tracey Crouch was recently appointed as the Minister for Loneliness to carry on the work of Jo Cox MP. In a world that’s so connected by social media, loneliness is often invisible – you… Read more

Am I empathetic? Take our quiz to find out how well you relate to other people

Empathy quiz

Are you good at sensing when a friend is upset or do you find it difficult to tell what other people are thinking? Many of us are naturally empathetic and good at sensing the emotions and needs of others, but it isn’t always easy. Being empathetic is about understanding how another person is feeling, even… Read more

10 of the best sleep apps to help with insomnia for iPhones and Android

10 apps for better sleep for iPhone and Android

The average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep a night, which enables your brain to store memories, and your body to repair and grow muscle and tissue. Lack of sleep causes irritability, lack of concentration and reduced language skills, and is also linked to a rise in depression and anxiety, and weight gain. Take our quiz to… Read more

5 best apps to help you manage panic attacks on Android and iOS

Stressed woman

We’ve gathered together a selection of the best apps for Android and iOS that can help you manage, control and avoid anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety has psychological symptoms – feelings of panic, a racing mind and feeling afraid – but also physical symptoms: your heart rate quickens, and your breathing can become faster and shallow. You… Read more

Discover your resilience and inner strength with Yogamatters


Life is tough at times, so prepare yourself by developing your resilience through yoga and meditation. Life is sometimes tough. There are no guarantees and no-one can promise you a life free from stresses and difficulties. Some events in our lives are unwanted, unexpected, painful and completely beyond our control. That’s the reality. Coping with… Read more

How to be kind to yourself when you’re giving up alcohol

Dr Bunmi Aboaba

The typical alcoholic is not what you would expect – today’s heavy drinkers tend to be high achievers. Dr Bunmi Aboaba of The Sober Advantage works with professionals to help them stop drinking, she says: “There’s lots of causes of addiction – sometimes it’s genetic and people can be predisposed to addiction, but it can also… Read more

Am I stressed? Take our stress quiz

How stressed are you? Take our stress test

Feeling a little on edge? You might want to read this. When we encounter a stressful situation in our daily lives, our natural ‘fight or flight’ reaction kicks in automatically, flooding our bodies with adrenaline to allow us to cope with the threat. But after the moment has passed, our bodies can stay in a… Read more

The first two years with a Feminesse Menstrual Cup

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If you buy one Feminesse Menstrual Cup today, for the next two years you could save yourself time, money and this lovely planet that we are on! A menstrual cup is a small silicone cup that is inserted internally like a tampon but instead of collecting your blood, it absorbs it. It’s reusable and one… Read more

Why more women than ever are using CBD oil to manage pain and stress

CBD oil

Since CBD oil was made legal in 2016, more people than ever in the UK – especially women – are using the food supplement to manage pain, chronic conditions, sleepless nights, and a whole host of health conditions. According to the industry regulatory body, the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK), over 250,000 Brits are using CBD —… Read more

Anti-inflammatory tea recipe

Feeling sore, achy, or in need of a pick-me-up? Try Rebecca Sullivan‘s recipe for a homemade natural anti-inflammatory tea. Soothing and simple to make, this tea is the perfect antidote for both achy bodies and period pain. Blended together, the ingredients will help reduce inflammation that comes from being on your feet, sport, arthritis and… Read more