How to make restorative sleep aromatherapy oil for your face with essential oils for relaxation and sleep

Aromatherapy face mask

Aromatherapy scents for sleep can really help you to unwind and relax at bedtime. Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton, authors of Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore, have created this soothing sleep aromatherapy blend for you to try at home. Essential oils are known to help you nod off – particularly fragrances such… Read more

Soothing herbal remedies to help you get over a summer cold

Honey and turmeric recipe

Don’t reach for the over-the-counter cough syrup just yet! Writer Pip Waller, author of The Health and Beauty Botanical Handbook, has a few herbal remedies up her sleeve to help you fight off seasonal colds the natural way – from turmeric honey to thyme and liquorice cough syrup. Turmeric honey recipe To help your body… Read more

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Take our quiz and find out

Imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt like a fraud at work and that you’re going to get caught out? The term imposter phenomenon was introduced in 1978 by Dr Pauline R Clance and Dr Suzanne A Imes. The two doctors identified as someone having imposter syndrome who has experience of self-perceived intellectual phoniness (fraud). These people (mostly… Read more

What’s your hormonal stage?

Older woman in yellow top

Did you know that at different stages of your life there are different hormones affecting your moods and health? Knowing your hormonal phase can help you to live your best life – whatever your age. Puberty (age 9-21) Our early menstrual cycles can be quite irregular and this is entirely normal, as it takes time… Read more

7 ways to stay calm when you’re a stressed out parent

Zoe Blaskey

Busy mum with zero time? Zoe Blaskey shares 7 tips to feel instantly calm when you’re struggling with parenting stress. “Being a mum is incredible. It’s also incredibly challenging,” she says. “I always try to support mums with the ‘incredibly challenging’ part. One of the reasons my clients tell me they can find it so hard is the… Read more

When women’s football was more popular than men’s football

Women's football

We’ve all been gripped by the men’s game as the England team reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup in Moscow. We’ve even caught ourselves singing “it’s coming home” on more than one occasion. But it wasn’t always men’s football which drew the big crowds. In the 1920s, women’s matches regularly attracted bigger crowds… Read more

Why failure is important for success and wellbeing

Spirits were high as people of all ages and backgrounds tuned in excitedly to catch yesterday’s World Cup semi-final. From those who have always adored football to those who had never seen a match in their lives, the nation watched as one. When England scored, we cheered as though we were a fellow teammate, right… Read more

17 ways to keep cool this summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year. We rediscover our gardens, parks and promenades after a long winter of neglect in the darker, damper months. Days get longer, the sky stays clearer and people seem happier. Now, we don’t want to sound like we’re complaining but… with the heat there are a couple of downsides…. Read more

Are you a morning person or a night person? Take our quiz to find out when you work best

We all know somebody who seems to be working to a different clock to us. For some people, dragging themselves up in the morning can seem like an almost impossible task, while others seem to bound out of bed with unfathomable energy. You may find that you are creative and motivated late into the evenings… Read more

Try yoga with your dog – otherwise known as ‘doga’

Dog yoga

Happiness in a four-letter word: DOGA. It’s precisely what you imagine; letting your canine chum lead you into a down-faced dog as only he/she knows how, and it’s guaranteed to leave you with hairs on your leggings and smile on your face, says Lucille Howe. Any owner of a furry, four-legged friend will tell you… Read more