Create your own infused oils

Rebecca Sullivan’s herb-infused oils are not just great for cooking, they also make lovely gifts and some can be used as massage oil or added to the bath. You can use any oil you like for this – it’s best to use one you like to cook with (or want to smell like!). Sterilise and thoroughly dry… Read more

Make no-waste ice cubes

Looking for ways to reduce waste? Rebecca Sullivan shared this great tip for reducing food waste with us. If you’re trying to reduce food waste in your kitchen, ice-cube trays are ideal for storing small amounts of leftovers, such as fruit, herbs stock and even coffee. Stored in the freezer, they’re then ready to add… Read more

Infuse vinegars for cooking

Infused vinegars

Infused vinegars are wonderful to cook with and make fantastic medicinal tinctures, says Rebecca Sullivan. Feel free to experiment with different herbs and vinegar types. Sterilise and thoroughly dry a large jar or bottle. Fill it with herbs and chillies, garlic, fruit or edible flowers, depending on what you want to use the vinegar for. Heat… Read more

Make your own infused salts

Infused salts

These infused salts created by Rebecca Sullivan make a beautiful addition to your kitchen cupboard. Here’s a fantastic way to use up the last of your ground spices and also make a great gift, presented in a well-sealed glass jar. Simply take a really good-quality salt such as a fleur de sel, pink salt or, Rebecca’s… Read more

Instagram photo challenge – October

Woman taking a photo of a sunset

We’re looking forward to sharing our latest Instagram photo challenge with you! This month’s theme is ‘My calm place’ and we’d like you to share a photo of the place where you feel most relaxed – it could be a comfy corner by the window, a favourite beach or somewhere you like to go for… Read more

Instagram photo challenge – September shortlist

Instagram photo challenge shortlist

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos in our September photo challenge – we’re really pleased to reveal our shortlisted photographers and the winner’s picture will be printed in the December issue of In The Moment Magazine, which goes on sale on 14 November. Don’t forget to check out our October photo challenge too…. Read more

How to be more Norwegian

Norwegian waffles with brown cheese

If you’re feeling inspired to move to Norway, it’s a good idea to find out what the people are like before you up sticks and go. Bronte Aurell, author of North: How to Live Scandinavian, shares her tips on how to be more Norwegian: Go for a hike (ut på tur, literally out on tour)… Read more

Talking about miscarriage – baby loss awareness

Forget-me-not flowers

Miscarriage is sadly more common than many people realise, with one in three pregnancies ending before 12 weeks. Yet couples often don’t discuss what’s happened with family and friends, as it’s too upsetting to talk about or they hadn’t yet told people they were expecting. Even a pregnancy that ends in the first few weeks needs to… Read more

Do you have too much clutter? Take our quiz

Do you need to declutter?

It’s no secret that clearing out the clutter can help our mental health, but how badly do you really need to tidy up your environment? The queen of clean, Marie Kondo, has made her name with the KonMari Method, which involves letting go of items that don’t bring you joy. While not every item in your… Read more

Download your free coffee stencils

Free coffee art stencils

What is it about a beautifully decorated latte that makes it oh-so-appealing? It’s all about the thoughtfulness and care that went into it, says barista and coffee lover Ryan Soeder. “Coffee art is not only fun to practice, but is a promise to the person receiving it that their drink was made with the utmost… Read more