Use a hypnotherapy guided visualisation to process your feelings

Hypnotherapy guided visualisation

Make more of your mindfulness with this simple hypnotherapy guided visualisation. Hypnotherapist Becky Skuse guides you through using a visualisation technique, and if you missed part one you can read her explanation of the basics. Hypnotherapy guided visualisation First of all, you need to find somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and turn your… Read more

Wholefood summer salad recipes you’ll love

Wholefood salad recipes seaweed salad

Summer’s nearly here and at this time of year only a good salad recipe will hit the spot — the healthier the better. David and Charlotte Bailey, authors of Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl, share three delicious recipes for you to make at home… Seaweed, wild rice, tofu, sesame and spring onion salad recipe This… Read more

What is hypnosis?

How hypnotherapy works

Just like mindfulness, hypnosis is a kind of meditation. The key to hypnosis is relaxation and the idea is that by relaxing your conscious mind, you can access your subconscious mind – hypnotherapy is where you use this access to make positive changes. Similarly, in mindfulness, the idea is to focus the conscious mind on… Read more

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In The Moment project downloads

In The Moment is a brand new practical lifestyle magazine for the modern-thinking woman. With content covering wellbeing, creating, living and escaping, its monthly publication will reflect latest trends and encourage you to make the most of every day by living ‘In The Moment’. To make sure you don’t miss out, simply sign up to… Read more

The top vegetarian cookbooks of 2017 to inspire your meal plans

Top vegetarian cookbooks of 2017

We’ve gathered together some of the best vegetarian cookbooks so you can try new delicious and diverse recipes. A recent Spanish study found that a diet that reduces or even excludes meat in favour of vegetables, fruits and grains could halve your chances of becoming obese. Check out these healthy recipes: Spiced chai smoothie bowl recipe Bo’s Kitchen… Read more

Issue 6 sticker and gift tag downloads

Christmas gift tags and stickers

Click on the links below to download the stickers and gift tags from In The Moment Magazine issue 6: Gift tags 1 Gift tags 2 Gift tag backs Stickers

Win a copy of Tie and Dye by Lizzie King

Tie and Dye

Transform your home and wardrobe with this fresh and modern take on tie-dye. Tie-dye has shaken off its hippie image to become a stylish and iconic look, bringing bright colours, striking patterns and heaps of character to all kinds of clothing and textiles. One of the oldest dyeing techniques, it is also one of the… Read more

How hypnotherapy works: hypnosis and mindfulness

Introduction to hypnotherapy

Use simple hypnotherapy techniques to make your mindfulness more fulfilling, and unlock your subconscious. Hypnotherapist Becky Skuse explains the basics in our exclusive series. Check out more related articles on wellbeing: How to learn the lessons of the past and let them go How to have a digital detox How happy are you? Take our happiness… Read more

Top four summer festivals for creative and free-spirited women

Foodies Festival UK summer

We can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day or weekend than at a festival. So we’ve rounded up four of the UK’s freshest and most vibrant summer events (and no, not Glastonbury…). Whether you’re keen to try a new craft, eager to sample artisan food, longing to embrace the great outdoors… Read more

Meet our columnist: Caroline Rowland, Patchwork Harmony

Caroline Rowland In The Moment columnist © Jemma Watts

Caroline Rowland, one of our new columnists for In The Moment magazine, is an interiors and lifestyle blogger at Patchwork Harmony, Editor of @91magazine and author of The Shopkeeper’s Home What’s your daily routine? It’s quite varied, and mostly revolves around my daughter’s childcare hours. We are usually up early, between 6-7am, and when she’s at nursery,… Read more