We talk Kundalini yoga with Kathryn McCusker

Kathryn McCusker yoga

Opera singer Kathryn McCusker talks to In The Moment about discovering Kundalini yoga and how it has changed her life… Tell us about yourself! What is your official title? Where are you based? Most people know me as Kathryn McCusker or Kanga (a nickname I have had since I was about 10 years old!) When… Read more

4 ways to take a coaching approach to your parenting

There is no role more important than that of being a parent and no role more challenging. There is no other role that is likely to bring with it such a roller-coaster of emotions – joy, anger, happiness, frustration, pride, embarrassment, loneliness, and love. Kim Morgan, expert coach and creator of Barefoot Coaching Cards, says… Read more

11 best natural tracks to relieve stress and help you feel less anxious

Woman on the beach

Listening to natural sounds – whether it’s waves on the beach or gentle rainfall – can transport us to another place, allowing us to enjoy a moment of calm during a hectic day. We’ve put together some natural tracks to help you unwind including night storms, river sounds and gales (yes, really – it’s relaxing)… Read more

How to support students through their exams and find out how mindfulness can help students relax

Student reading a book

As exam season looms, most of us know someone experiencing revision stress – or you might be sitting exams yourself. Find out how to support loved ones and how to cope if you have a test on the horizon. Exam stress can feel all-consuming and – even if you sat your exams years ago –… Read more

How to travel with friends and stay friends with them after the trip

Friends on holiday

Understanding yourself, your desires and your shortcomings, and being able to communicate with others about them, is key to a happy holiday, says travel blogger Allison Green. Travel is amazing. It opens doors to cultures you never knew existed. It inspires creativity and passion in avenues you’d never imagine, but it’s also incredibly difficult. Language… Read more

How to be mindful at work – mindful meetings and better office health

Stay well at work

Using mindfulness in your work, whether you work in an office or on your feet, helps you focus without getting stressed and boosts your mental health. You probably spend more of your waking time with your colleagues than with your family and friends, so how you feel and behave at work can really affect your health and… Read more

Download free illustrated leaf wallpaper for your phone, computer or iPad designed by Becki Clark

Bring some tropical summery vibes to all of your devices with this funky illustrated leaf wallpaper created by Becki Clark. To brighten up your devices, simply pick the size you’re looking for then click on the links below to download your colourful background. Looking for more phone wallpapers? Try Becki’s papaya, floral and feminist designs…. Read more

Beat writer’s block with our creative writing prompts and free your imagination

Writing prompt cards for writer's block

Whether you are new to creative writing or regularly put pen to paper, deciding what to write about is often the greatest challenge. That’s where our writing prompts come in. If you’re inspired to have a go but not sure where to begin, simply pick a prompt at random and use the theme or idea… Read more

Enjoy every moment of your summer with Pukka Tea

Pukka Tea

We all know that stress is bad for us – but finding time to switch off and relax is not always easy. Research has shown that around half of us feel stressed every few days – with some feeling it every day. Luckily, our summer holidays are just around the corner, promising long, lazy days… Read more

7 best meditation apps for anxiety and stress on iPhone and Android

Meditating woman

Squeezing meditation and mindfulness exercises into your day is much easier when you use an app. Meditation can benefit your health in many ways, from improving your concentration to reducing anxiety. It’s a small lifestyle change, but one that can reap big rewards. Check out more related articles on wellbeing: How happy are you? Take… Read more