Make a Scandinavian Lucia evergreen table wreath for Christmas

Make your own beautiful Scandinavian evergreen table wreath

On 13 December, when the darkness of the year is growing ever longer, the Lucia Day celebration of light is most welcome. Cities and towns throughout Scandinavia (and American cities with large Scandinavian populations) hold Lucia festivals filled with music and candlelight. The main attraction is always the Lucia procession, featuring a girl clad in… Read more

Make a winter paper leaf and berry bough with Emma Mitchell

Paper leaf bough with berries

Emma Mitchell, author of Making Winter, says: “The festive season is the time when I have strong urges to line my house with beautiful handmade things. If I had the time, I would make everything, including hand-crocheted dungarees for the fairy on top of the tree. “In reality, I manage to make two or three… Read more

7 ways to stay mindful over Christmas and New Year

Mindful Christmas tips

Over the Christmas holidays, our usual routines and habits can be disrupted, leaving us feeling unsettled and not particularly jolly! Self-care shouldn’t stop just because the festive season is here and it’s still important to take the time to look after yourself mindfully  – even if it’s just in a small way. We’ve put together… Read more

7 ways to bring gratitude into your life this Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie

At this time of year, with Thanksgiving on the way and Christmas approaching at high speed, it’s a good excuse to pause and reflect on our lives. Bringing gratitude into our lives can really help us to appreciate what we have – and to value our own skills and abilities. It also teaches us to… Read more