Make a Scandinavian Lucia evergreen table wreath for Christmas

Make your own beautiful Scandinavian evergreen table wreath

On 13 December, when the darkness of the year is growing ever longer, the Lucia Day celebration of light is most welcome. Cities and towns throughout Scandinavia (and American cities with large Scandinavian populations) hold Lucia festivals filled with music and candlelight. The main attraction is always the Lucia procession, featuring a girl clad in… Read more

Make a winter paper leaf and berry bough with Emma Mitchell

Paper leaf bough with berries

Emma Mitchell, author of Making Winter, says: “The festive season is the time when I have strong urges to line my house with beautiful handmade things. If I had the time, I would make everything, including hand-crocheted dungarees for the fairy on top of the tree. “In reality, I manage to make two or three… Read more

How to make Wild Dyer patchwork placemats

Wild Dyer patchwork placemats

You can make these beautiful patchwork placemats created by Abigail Booth, aka The Wild Dyer, using the natural colours found in black beans and red cabbage. Placemats are a really lovely project to begin experimenting with basic techniques of patchwork. By using red cabbage and black beans to get delicate colours of blues and greys,… Read more

Calling all writers! Bristol Short Story Prize 2018 is open for entries

Pens at the ready! The 2018 Bristol Short Story Prize, in association with Tangent Books, is open for entries. Writers from around the world can enter, whether published or unpublished. Shortlisted stories will be published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 11. The winner and two runners-up will be selected from the shortlist… Read more

Feeling uninspired? 17 ways to boost your creativity

Creative inspiration boost ideas

Whether a creative task is your job or your hobby, sometimes we all struggle to find inspiration. Follow our 17 suggestions for how to find your creative mojo… 1. Unplug your phone If you’re easily distracted, turn off your phone and any email and social media notifications on your computer. The constant ping of messages can… Read more

Take part in National Novel Writing Month – November 2017

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) runs throughout November each year, as a way to overcome the isolation of writing and get support from other novelists around the world. With the target of writing a 50,000 word novel by 30 November, it’s open to anyone over the age of 13; in 2016 more than 380,000 people took part worldwide…. Read more

Create your own infused oils

Rebecca Sullivan’s herb-infused oils are not just great for cooking, they also make lovely gifts and some can be used as massage oil or added to the bath. You can use any oil you like for this – it’s best to use one you like to cook with (or want to smell like!). Sterilise and thoroughly dry… Read more

Make no-waste ice cubes

Looking for ways to reduce waste? Rebecca Sullivan shared this great tip for reducing food waste with us. If you’re trying to reduce food waste in your kitchen, ice-cube trays are ideal for storing small amounts of leftovers, such as fruit, herbs stock and even coffee. Stored in the freezer, they’re then ready to add… Read more

Infuse vinegars for cooking

Infused vinegars

Infused vinegars are wonderful to cook with and make fantastic medicinal tinctures, says Rebecca Sullivan. Feel free to experiment with different herbs and vinegar types. Sterilise and thoroughly dry a large jar or bottle. Fill it with herbs and chillies, garlic, fruit or edible flowers, depending on what you want to use the vinegar for. Heat… Read more

Make your own infused salts

Infused salts

These infused salts created by Rebecca Sullivan make a beautiful addition to your kitchen cupboard. Here’s a fantastic way to use up the last of your ground spices and also make a great gift, presented in a well-sealed glass jar. Simply take a really good-quality salt such as a fleur de sel, pink salt or, Rebecca’s… Read more