5 best apps for anxiety and panic attacks

Stressed woman

We’ve gathered together a selection of the best apps for Android and iOS that can help you manage, control and avoid anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety has psychological symptoms – feelings of panic, a racing mind and feeling afraid – but also physical symptoms: your heart rate quickens, and your breathing can become faster and shallow. You… Read more

Do you have too much clutter? Take our quiz

Do you need to declutter?

It’s no secret that clearing out the clutter can help our mental health, but how badly do you really need to tidy up your environment? The queen of clean, Marie Kondo, has made her name with the KonMari Method, which involves letting go of items that don’t bring you joy. While not every item in your… Read more

In The Moment Magazine issue 5 – on sale 19 October in the UK

In The Moment Magazine issue 5 cover

This month the In The Moment Magazine team has been thinking about perspective and how we view the world. We’re also exploring forest bathing, learning how to be more optimistic, trying sound healing, finding comfort in writing, cooking up some forest feasts and getting creative with coffee art. Read on to find out what’s in… Read more

Doga – try yoga with your dog

Dog yoga

Yoga’s benefits, both physical and emotional, are well known so if you’re a dog owner you can pass those good vibes on to your pet with a dog yoga session. Doga is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, releasing your stress and tension and activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This… Read more

Am I stressed? Take our stress quiz

How stressed are you? Take our stress test

Feeling a little on edge? You might want to read this. When we encounter a stressful situation in our daily lives, our natural ‘fight or flight’ reaction kicks in automatically, flooding our bodies with adrenaline to allow us to cope with the threat. But after the moment has passed, our bodies can stay in a… Read more

Be more mindful with a free online course

Mindful woman

It’s important to take care of your mental health and manage your stress levels – particularly in the workplace. FutureLearn offers a free online mindfulness course to help you reduce your stress levels and improve your wellbeing. Check out more related articles on mindfulness: 7 ways to be mindful in the autumn How to use… Read more

6 ways to be kind to yourself and break your bad habits

How to be kind to yourself

If you take care of others in your life, it’s essential that you also take good care of yourself. Daily acts of kindness are a great way to spread happiness and good feeling, which also boosts your own wellbeing –see the evidence in David Gaz’s documentary Kindness Is Contagious. Check out more related articles on wellbeing: 13… Read more

The Mindful Living Show is coming to London and Manchester

Mindful Living Show early bird offer

Now in its second year, the Mindful Living Show London returns on 1-2 June 2018 and will feature growing spaces welcoming over 70 seminars and practice sessions with leading authors, teachers and practitioners including Camilla Dallerup, Rick Hansen and Kristin Neff (via video link), Geshe Tashi, Michael Chaskalson, Sir Anthony Seldon, Anandi The Sleep Guru… Read more