Winter flu season survival guide: How to fight colds with natural remedies like lemon, ginger, turmeric and honey

At this time of year, late autumn and early winter, it feels as though everyone has a cold and we know that we’re inevitably going to catch it too. While dosing ourselves with paracetamol can help, natural remedies such as elderberry syrup could also give you an extra boost and relieve some of the nasty symptoms… Read more

Rachel de Thample’s elderberry syrup with echinacea recipe

Both elderberries and echinacea are powerful immune system boosters and have been used to prevent and treat colds and flus for many years, according to chef, forager and food writer Rachel de Thample. “Ginger is also added for its antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix all of these immune powerhouses together to give your nasty… Read more

Rachel de Thample’s everyday health tonic recipe

Rachel de Thample's everyday health tonic recipe

“This tonic is a brilliant booster for everyday health and a must-have remedy to use during flu season,” says chef, forager and food writer Rachel de Thample. “The ginger helps to calm inflammation and create internal heat. The cayenne acts to boost circulation and horseradish is a decongestant, while garlic and onion help with overall… Read more

Rachel de Thample’s tom yum tea recipe

Tom yum tea recipe

Forager, chef and food writer Rachel de Thample describes this as “a brilliant cold-busting tea that tastes rather like tom yum soup”. Take two to three times daily when you feel a cold coming on, but avoid drinking it late at night as the ginger and cayenne make this quite a stimulating tea.    Ingredients… Read more

Rebecca Sullivan’s homemade cough syrup recipe

Oh, honey honey. Honey has so many properties that keep us healthy – from antibacterial to anti-inflammatory. When the season turns cold, the dreaded coughs and colds begin. A sore throat can mean sleepless nights and one of the simplest solutions is honey. It acts in a similar way to cough syrup by coating the… Read more

Jasmine Hemsley’s golden milk recipe

Jasmine Hemsley's golden milk recipe

Jasmine Hemsley’s gorgeously bright, rich and caffeine-free, golden milk is the ultimate Ayurvedic recipe and can help improve digestion and circulation. Versions of the drink, known as turmeric latte, have hit the hip cafes, meaning that non-coffee drinkers can enjoy something different from herbal tea! “Turmeric is a joy to drink when you mix it… Read more

Create your own infused oils

Rebecca Sullivan’s herb-infused oils are not just great for cooking, they also make lovely gifts and some can be used as massage oil or added to the bath. You can use any oil you like for this – it’s best to use one you like to cook with (or want to smell like!). Sterilise and thoroughly dry… Read more

Make no-waste ice cubes

Looking for ways to reduce waste? Rebecca Sullivan shared this great tip for reducing food waste with us. If you’re trying to reduce food waste in your kitchen, ice-cube trays are ideal for storing small amounts of leftovers, such as fruit, herbs stock and even coffee. Stored in the freezer, they’re then ready to add… Read more

Infuse vinegars for cooking

Infused vinegars

Infused vinegars are wonderful to cook with and make fantastic medicinal tinctures, says Rebecca Sullivan. Feel free to experiment with different herbs and vinegar types. Sterilise and thoroughly dry a large jar or bottle. Fill it with herbs and chillies, garlic, fruit or edible flowers, depending on what you want to use the vinegar for. Heat… Read more

Make your own infused salts

Infused salts

These infused salts created by Rebecca Sullivan make a beautiful addition to your kitchen cupboard. Here’s a fantastic way to use up the last of your ground spices and also make a great gift, presented in a well-sealed glass jar. Simply take a really good-quality salt such as a fleur de sel, pink salt or, Rebecca’s… Read more