Spotted by locals – where to eat in London, Rome, Paris and New York

Eiffel Tower, Paris

When we’re travelling, we inevitably end up eating in some over-priced tourist restaurant. Eating food that’s okay, but not inspiring. There’s always the sneaking suspicion that the locals have their own secret restaurants and cafes – the places where you get the best local food and the best atmosphere. Well, we don’t want you to… Read more

The Norwegian love of the cabin

Norwegian cabin in the snow

At the centre of all Norwegian people’s lives lies the hytte or cabin, says Bronte Aurell, author of North: How to Live Scandinavian. A hytte is a cabin and these are little places Norwegians hike to or use as a base to hike from, weekends and holidays. A hytte is usually made of wood, is often painted… Read more

How to wear a Norwegian jumper

How to wear a Norwegian jumper

If you’re going to embrace the Scandinavian way of life then you need to learn how to treat your Norwegian jumper, says Bronte Aurell. When people think of Scandinavian jumpers they are mostly thinking of the Norwegian lusekofte, literally meaning ‘lice jumper’. Lice (lus) refers to the tiny pattern in the knit – ‘little lice’,… Read more

How to be more Norwegian

Norwegian waffles with brown cheese

If you’re feeling inspired to move to Norway, it’s a good idea to find out what the people are like before you up sticks and go. Bronte Aurell, author of North: How to Live Scandinavian, shares her tips on how to be more Norwegian: Go for a hike (ut på tur, literally out on tour)… Read more