Making your own homemade gifts for family and friends can be more meaningful than simply giving them soaps or a box of chocolates.


It's also a more mindful way to give, because you can take your time and be more aware of sustainability. You can guarantee that your gifts are plastic-free!

Why not invite some friends over for a making session and turn it into a social occasion too?

Read on to discover our creative gift ideas to make at home.

DIY Christmas presents to make at home

Fika mugs

These sweet retro mug designs are inspired by the Swedish tradition of fika, which is a regular break in the morning or afternoon when everything stops for coffee and cake.

Use Melissa Bahen's cute templates to make your own charming coffee cups this Christmas.

Chocolate orange body butter

Is there anything more festive than the fragrance of chocolate and orange? This indulgent body butter is easy to make and keeps for up to three months.

It smells good enough to eat!

Perfume pots

Is there anything cooler than having your own bespoke perfume?

You can create your own fragrances with this perfume pot recipe from Rebecca Sullivan.

Infused salts

This is a great last-minute gift when you're pressed for time. It's simply a case of combining your choice of flavourings and spices with salt.

Why not experiment and make your own flavourings?

Free stitched notebooks project from In The Moment Magazine

You don't need to be great at sewing to make your own stitched journal covers.

Anna Alicia has shared some stylish templates with us to help you create your own at home.

Rebecca Sullivan's natural lip balm recipe

Add a rosy tint to your lips with Rebecca Sullivan's rose lip balm recipe.

It uses natural ingredients, so you know exactly what's going into your cosmetics.

Terrarium project by Christine Liu

Bringing greenery into your home can really lift your mood, especially during the winter months.


Give some greenery this Christmas and you could give a loved one a much-needed boost.