Whether you are new to creative writing or regularly put pen to paper, deciding what to write about is often the greatest challenge. That’s where our writing prompts come in. If you’re inspired to have a go but not sure where to begin, simply pick a prompt at random and use the theme or idea to get you started.


It's easy to feel intimidated by the blank page, so using these prompts can be very helpful – think of them as a warm-up exercise!

You can download the cards here or simply pick one from the list below.

Creative writing prompts for writer's block

Choose a creative writing prompt to help you get over writer's block


Send a postcard

A postcard from an exotic location brings unexpected news.


The doppelganger

Your friends keep seeing someone who looks exactly like you. Who are they and what do they want?


The one that got away

Write about your character’s ‘one that got away’. Do they still compare current partners to that person? Why did the relationship fail?


The inheritance

A long-lost relative leaves your character a fortune, but there are some strange conditions attached…


The birthday party

Social occasions are a great way to explore relationships between characters. How do they interact? What tensions come to the surface?


Animal magic

Pets are characters too! Your main character’s relationship with the animals in their life might also be important to their development.


Change the setting

Think about how changing your setting might affect your characters. Would Paris be a more intriguing location than Penzance?


Genre game

If you’re stuck in a rut, try to have a little fun! Change the genre to turn your romance into a comedy or make your detective tale into sci-fi adventure.


The suitcase

Your character discovers a suitcase full of letters in the attic of their new home. What secrets do they reveal?


The runaway

Your character needs to get out of here – fast! What’s their escape plan?

The unlikely friends

Pair up two very unlikely characters and see how they get on. This works well if your main character is travelling.

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