We love this new special magazine from the Project Calm team: Learn to Paint & Draw. Start sketching straight away with the fab sketchbook included – or get out your watercolours for the paintable postcards – there’s so much inside!


Learn to Paint & Draw is a carefully curated collection of wonderful creative projects for you to try at home using easy-to-find art supplies.

You’ll recognise some of the artists inside too: projects are by artists such as Jemma Bursnell, Alys Paterson and Esther Curtis – and they’re all original and achievable.

Order your copy now for £12.99 free UK delivery at www.buysubscriptions.com/paint

Read on to see some of the beautiful projects inside this new magazine.

Watercolour cactus project created by Esther Curtis

Watercolour cactus

Get growing with Esther Curtis' watercolour cactus project. With their quirky shapes and vivid greens, cacti are an excellent plant to paint in watercolour – a medium which allows you to build up colour and really bring things to life, layer by layer.

This project also makes way for plenty of creative freedom with a pot that positively zings.

Be kind gouache lettering by Alys Paterson

Gouache lettering

Add a patterned twist to favourite phrases with Alys Paterson's bright and beautiful gouache lettering. Fun to use and easy to experiment with, gouache is perfect for creating colourful art. Alys' project combines words and pattern so you can go with the flow to add extra depth to the special mottos or names in your life.

Creating the detailed patterns also helps you focus – ideal for a spot of relaxation.

Painted pots by Jemma Bursnell

Colourful painted pots

Welcome in a glorious riot colour and pattern with Jemma Bursnell's painted pots. These bright and brilliant planters are not only a good way to recycle old tins and use up tester pots of paint, but they provide the perfect canvas to show off your creativity.


Go wild with colours that clash or show off your favourite shades as you experiment with patterns.