Affirmations can help remind us of our intentions, so keeping them close at hand is a great way to stay focused.

We've teamed up with Cornish clothing brand Seasalt to create these beautiful wallpapers to inspire you whenever you need a boost.

The patterns we've used for these wallpapers are from Seasalt's autumn collection, which is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920s. These designs were particularly influenced by the work of Ethel Mairet, whose gorgeous patterns were particularly focused on the elements of the natural world.

The new collection features the flowers and leaves that Ethel used in her work, alongside vibrant geometric prints inspired by more modern hand-woven designs. Appearing across dresses, tops and cardigans, they are accompanied by pared-down wardrobe staples in soft grey and blue tones, allowing the fabrics to stand out in their celebration of the creativity and process that inspired them.

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