"Of all our topics this issue – fire, play, kindness, a good yarn – awe is the theme that threads everything together: experiencing the world afresh with all the wonder, magic and innocence of a child," says Project Calm editor Lara Watson.

"Ruby Deevoy’s feature about awe on page 60 sums up what mindfulness means to me. Being curious, letting the magnitude of nature overwhelm you (in a good way!), allowing yourself a moment to delight in little things, and being present in the here and now. It’s a way of living that’s available to us all, but ‘mindfulness’ and ‘self-care’ have become somewhat commercialised lately.

"Caitlin Metz and Victoria Emanuela are exploring this in their work as joint venture On Being In Your Body. I’m thrilled that they’ve collaborated with us this issue to make you a workbook zine all about their new take on self-care, self-keeping. Enjoy."

Read on to see the beautiful gifts available with Project Calm issue 16…

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Self keeping zine

Self-keeping zine

Enjoy a fresh perspective on self care with this beautiful illustrated guide by Caitlin Metz and Victoria Emanuela.

Kindness cards

Random acts of kindness cards

These pocket ‘thank you’s, designed by artist Vanessa Lovegrove, are the right size to carry around and hand out whenever you see a random act of kindness. Spotted someone helping a stranger with a heavy bag? Or someone offering to help lift a baby buggy off the train? Hand over one of these cards to make their day.

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Collage by Becki Clark

Collage papers

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Fortune tellers

Let fate decide with Esther Curtis’ fortunetellers, one to stir up your creativity, and one to give you a moment of calm.

Cover illustration by Svabhu Kohli.