Bethan Rose Jenkins has put together some of her favourite collage artists to help inspire you.



Julie’s designs are joyfully bright and floral and she also shares posts of her works in progress as well as the finished pieces.


Sophie often combines selected strong, contrasting images to create imaginative scenes with her collages.

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Amanda shares intricate, cut paper designs on her account, which are inspired by British history and culture.


A vibrant account full of bright and simple artwork. Designs usually feature messages which are just brimming with positivity.


These bold designs are collections of painted shapes. Each selection is themed by colour and set against a blank background so that the components really stand out.


A collection of joyful, multi-coloured collages featuring everything from plants and butterflies to inspiring messages.


This is a curated showcase of different collages from a variety of artists. A great place to go if you’re looking at expanding your collage skills and want some inspiration.


This account is truly inspired by nature. The collages are bold and bright configurations of animals, from bees to lions and foxes to dinosaurs.


Words by Bethan Rose Jenkins.