Mother's Day is coming quickly, but instead of buying mum a last minute bunch of flowers this year, why not make her a gift instead? It's much more thoughtful and she will absolutely love that you have made such an effort.


We know what you're thinking, "It's coming soon and I don’t have time!" Well, we have a few suggestions – each of these makes takes barely any time at all to create and comes in at a modest price too. Stock up on the ribbon, wrap your creation with thought and it will make you mum's day.

9 simple makes for mum


Tied up with a pretty ribbon, this take on a classic stress ball provides quick stress relief wherever you are. Just tell mum to pack one in her bag and whenever she is starting to feel overwhelmed, she can whip it out and give it a good squish to feel some instant calm.

Perfume pots

These beautiful perfume pots created by Rebecca Sullivan can be made using your choice of essential oils – why not pick out a few of your mum's favourite scents to make a really personal present?


Seed bombs are a great way to make gardening a little more fun. Just scatter a few of these simple homemade balls in any bare patch of your garden and you'll soon have a gorgeous patch of wild flowers welcoming beautiful bees and butterflies into the garden.

Natural rose lip balm recipe by Rebecca Sullivan

Worried about what might be in your favourite lip balm or that lipstick you normally give to your mum come Mother's Day? If you make your own, you can guarantee that all of the ingredients are natural.

Concrete planter

Follow Alyson Mowat's guide to create a beautiful little planter for the home. Fill it with compost and add a little succulent and this makes a brilliant gift for a parent with green fingers.

Sunset cushion

We love how this cushion looks like a colour gradient from a tropical sunset. It’s perfect for transforming your sofa into somewhere to lay back and dream of summer fun and is sure to give your mum a little inspiration to sit back and relax.

More like this

Make your own blusher at home and the colour is entirely up to you. This recipe keeps things simple and uses only a few ingredients so you know exactly what's going into the pretty pot and into your mum's make up collection.

DIY tassel earrings

Aren't these cute? These pretty tassel earrings created by Anchalika O'Connell are perfect for mother's day.

Crochet makeup pads

These homemade makeup removal pads are quick to make and gentle for your skin. Plus they are more environmentally friendly than using disposable cotton ones.