Get creative with Project Calm magazine issue 13

The latest issue of Project Calm is full of interesting features, beautiful papercraft projects and much more.

Project Calm magazine cover issue 13
Published: January 22, 2019 at 2:07 pm

In the latest Project Calm, we've been thinking a lot about our hands. Editor Sarah Gane explains: "Our hands really do say so much about ourselves. How we use them to gesticulate, whether we nibble our nails or how we decorate them all speaks volumes.


"Looking down at my own hands, I see short nails, accompanied by an art deco engagement ring and a simple gold wedding band, bought second-hand; an ethical choice, and each with their own history.

"What does that say about me? I’m a down-to-earth, curious woman who loves a story and likes to get stuck in? Not far off!

Illustration by Stacie Bloomfield
Illustration by Stacie Bloomfield

"But, on a deeper level, our hands say so much more about ourselves. Throughout history, they hold significance in cultures around the world for ceremonies and celebrations. They can also hold the future, as you’ll see in our palmistry feature.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s intriguing to learn about these little lines. I couldn’t resist turning my hand over to investigate!

"Whatever your hands look like, they hold boundless potential. To love, to create and, ultimately, to make a difference in this world. Thanks so much for reading and enjoy the issue!"

Paint by numbers

Inside Project Calm issue 13, we're discovering how to use the power of positivity and how to live a low-waster life, finding inspiration in beautiful patterns, nurturing our skin with simple remedies and treasuring what we already have.

Plus this issue comes with a papercut greetings card, DIY pennant flags, palmistry prints, paint-by-numbers projects and jar labels.

Order your copy today for only £9.99 with FREE UK postage. EUR £11.99, ROW £12.99. or call 03330 162 138


Cover illustration by Karolin Schnoor.


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