Get in touch with your mindful side with Project Calm issue 17

The new issue of Project Calm is packed with creative ideas and mindful features to inspire you

Published: January 1, 2020 at 4:19 pm

The long wait is over – Project Calm is out now in the UK! This issue's theme is 'rewilding'.


Editor Lara Watson says: "We’re doing things a bit differently this issue: taking a fresh perspective in so many ways, from seeing the world the Hawaiian way to rewilding our lives. It’s all about sustainable shifts and second chances – a theme I’ve wanted to explore for some time as it seems so prevalent in my own life, from the rekindling of my high school love to getting another opportunity to buy our dream home after we missed out last year.

"Often second chances can feel like they’re meant to be, can’t they? Elsewhere, our Travel section takes an unusual approach this issue – you could almost call it the antithesis to adventure! But maybe that’s exactly what you’re after? Helen Martin and Naomi Bulger write about the joy to be found in correspondence during those times you’re away from loved ones, Tracey Ellis shuns travel bucket lists and makes the case for the familiar, and Sian Meades-Williams’ beautiful celebration of the journey itself rather than the destination – on a romantic, long train ride – are a salve to jam-packed itineraries and check-lists. Enjoy the issue!"

Order your copy today for only £9.99 with FREE UK delivery. EUR £11.99, ROW £12.99.

Read on to discover the beautiful creative projects that accompany this issue…

Collage papers

Creative collage kit

Use our 15 pages of collage papers to create your own unique art – inspired by the collage feature in the issue!

Birthstones and flowers calendar

Birthstones & flowers poster

This any-year poster is the perfect place to record friends’ and family’s birthdays, plus you’ll get a heads up from Mother Nature herself on what could be a suitable gift or colour theme for your present, card or wrapping: their birthstone and birth flower.

Wildlife shadow box

Wildlife shadow box

Use your crafting skills to bring nature into your home. This verdant vignette of a forest glade, designed by Esther Curtis, will rewild your room.

Illustrated letters
Naomi Bulger

Mail art templates

When it comes to staying in touch with loved ones, Naomi Bulger thinks a handwritten, thoughtfully decorated letter is the next best thing to a big hug. Use Naomi's beautiful templates to send your own personalised letter.

Intuition cards

Oracle card deck

Use Matilda Smith’s exclusive, beautifully illustrated intuition cards to hone and trust your inner knowing. Based on the principle of an Oracle card deck, this pack is designed to help you meditate on a particular situation with simple words and images to guide your thoughts, actions and resolve.


Cover illustration by Hülya Özdemir.


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