Congratulations to everyone who made it through to the shortlist for our December Instagram photo challenge.


Our December theme was 'gratitude' and we were really pleased to see the high standard of the entries – well done everyone!

If you missed out on our December challenge, you can join our January Instagram challenge here.

Read on to see who made the shortlist! The winning entry will appear in issue 9, which goes on sale on 6 February 2018...

Stargazing in winter can be a great meditation. When I was working night shifts it was a vital part of my commute home. This tag was inspired by nights when the air is crisp and you can see the stars and wonder if there are other life forms out there. It has a scent of lemon and peppermint. I am grateful that I have an opportunity to do what I love and get inspired by nature and other creative people Lots of inspiration comes from magazines like @inthemomentmag @projectcalmmagazine and @molliemakes . . . #ITMphotochallenge #handmade #soytag #waxsachet #soymelts #waxtablet #natural #vegan #zen #meditation #aromatherapy #hygge #lagom #greatgift #giftidea #present #wintervibes #decorating #decoration #decor #home #homedecor #smallbusiness #girlboss #ladyboss #mompreneur #stars #stargazing #instagood

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Sunday's ❤ So lucky to live so close to the sea for some fresh air walkies! Yesterday reminded me of what I love doing and how and when im naturally the happiest and as sad as it sounds nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family and my dog So I had a lay in, made a decent breakfast (that I got to take my time eating and not rushing!) put on 'real clothes' and went out for a chilled walk before a quick workout and an afternoon of relaxing before heading to dinner with the fam! I'm still getting a workout in because I find it so therapeutic to get in the gym! Rest is important but so is listening to your body and mine fancies a workout #sunday#walkies#southsea#portsmouth#reclaimyourdayoff#itm30daychallenge#girlgains#itmphotochallenge

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With all the demands of life and conflictions of timetables it can be hard to find time to see friends as often as we’d like, especially when they’re scattered all over the country (and the world!), but we’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with various friends in the past few weeks. I feel so grateful for all the wonderful people, near and far, that are part of my life. It is the people, not the “things” that make life worth living. . This photo is of my boys taking a moment of peaceful reflection on some rocks in Portland, Dorset. . . @inthemomentmag #itmphotochallenge #grateful #gratitude #portlanddorset #portlandstone #peacefulmoment #quietreflection #bluesky #thisprettyengland #prettyengland_myhappyplace

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Throwback to a beautiful evening, sitting down by the #water, watching the sun go down over the #magaliesbergmountains, not doing much thinking, just absorbing the sounds and the sights and the happenings around me. These kind of moments mean so much to me. Water, whether still or moving, whether fresh or salty, whether tranquil or raging, has always had a calming effect of me. I always feel enormous #gratitude when getting a chance to sit or stand by it. • • • I am not setting any new resolutions for this coming year, rather will aim to do certain things and carry on to pursue some that I’ve already started on last year. Setting resolutions and then failing at them (for whatever reason) would just make me feel bad or guilty & my goal is the opposite, to make myself feel better, stronger, kinder, more resilient, more confident, more accepting and trusting of myself and others. Therefore it’ll be aims or goals for me and I won’t rush into setting them in one single post or day, I will be taking my time and using this whole first month of the year to enlist them. 2018 here I come! #capturequiet #slowliving #beautifulmoments #momentsofmine #takemytime #beinthemoment #ratherslowthanbusy #searchcalm #newyearnewgoals #inthemomentmag #itmphotochallenge @inthemomentmag #365_happysnaps

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Perfect lazy Boxing Day today with @cobbobbobb & my ace parents! My dad wasn’t well enough to make his famous #milkshake so the big task was in my hands. #family #familytradition #boxingday #christmastree . . . @inthemomentmag #ITMphotochallenge Today I felt incredibly grateful for family, the feeling of being completely cosy and comfortable and for something as simple as a milkshake to bring back SO many good memories of my childhood. When I was little my dad would make my brothers and me ‘special milkshake’ and we would shut the curtains and move the sofa so it was diagonal across the room and instantly we would have the BEST home cinema. Every sip of this drink takes me back to these precious moments. #inthemoment #gratitude

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Last minute entries

These pictures by @wellnessbysophie and @lottie_model came in just after the challenge had closed, but we loved them both so much that we decided to bend the rules a little bit...


Good luck to everyone who entered!