Learn how to do brush pen calligraphy and download our free worksheets

Brush pen calligraphy free download

If, like us, you’ve been admiring beautiful brush stroke calligraphy writing on Pinterest and Instagram then this is the project for you.


Expert calligrapher Becki Clark shows us how it’s done in our handy video tutorial (below), plus we’re giving you some free worksheets to download.

Becki says: “I love brush pen calligraphy because there’s no set rules, so you can create your own style.”

Use the sheets to practise your writing and copy some of the stunning phrases inside to create your own stylish cards, artwork and gift tags.


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Watch the brush pen calligraphy video tutorial

Brush pen calligraphy tips from Becki Clark

  • Invest in good tools. Becki likes to use a Pentel GFKP brush pen, because it has a flexible brush which feels like a paintbrush – but it won’t clog.
  • Hold your pen as you normally would. In quill calligraphy, students are often told to hold their pens straight, pointing north. However, in brush pen calligraphy you can hold your pen at any angle.
  • Experiment with the pen and use different pressures to find your natural style – there’s no right and wrong in brush lettering.
  • Practise writing single words to build your confidence instead of attempting single letters first.
  • If you’re looking to develop your skills further, there are some great tutorials on Skillshare.
  • Once you’re confident with the pen, try using a paintbrush to write in different colours and create an ombré calligraphy.
  • Don’t think of the letters as letters – see them as shapes. Everyone can draw lines, so if you break the word down into shapes it makes things easier.
Brush pen calligraphy greetings by Becki Clark