Make a papercut flower burst design for your home

Papercut flowers

Create shade, colour and shape with a few simple cuts of paper placed on top of a colourful background.


Simple techniques are the most effective: use the template to cut the marks on the flower burst, then position over the blue and yellow graphic circle and you have a work of art.

Make it unique by painting or printing your own background, so your favourite colours can show through.

There are three methods to try, each of which creates a subtly different effect.

Read on to discover the steps for each style or click the link below to download the templates.

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How to make your own papercut flowers step by step

Scored flower

Scored flower

  1. Using a sharp craft knife and self-healing mat, cut carefully around the petals.
  2. Take a scoring board and bone folder and score a line halfway down each petal.
  3. Lift up the petals and gently using your fingertips to add dimension.
Partially cut flower

Partially cut flower

  1. Partially cut out a third of the petals. Cut along each side of the petal leaving the tip.
  2. Fully cut around the remaining petals on the sheet. Lift up the edges using your fingertips.
  3. Roll the fully cut petals around a pencil to achieve a rounded effect.
Rolled flower petals

Rolled flower petals

  1. Take a sharp craft knife and cut around all of the petals.
  2. Roll the petals around a pencil or knitting needle to achieve a rounded effect.
  3. Using your fingertips, gently lift up all of the petals for a 3D effect.

Click here to download your free papercut flower templates

Papercut flower