Not long to wait now until In The Moment Magazine issue 12 arrives in the shops!

In the latest issue, we're busting the multitasking myth, looking to the stars to find a more fulfilled life, taking care of our tummies with fermented food, learning how to slow down with pottery and exploring a tea plantation right here in the UK.

Plus this month's mag includes star sign-inspired cards, a gorgeous tea poster with a CS Lewis quote and your fave Take a Moment mini magazine.

Read on to find out what else is in store inside issue 12…

Friends supporting each other

In Wellbeing, we talking about multitasking in a fast-paced world with Harriet Griffey, learning how to support friends and family through difficult times, finding ourselves in the stars with astrological guidance, embracing your shadow self, climbing your own mountains on your yoga journey and much more.

Fermented food

In Living, we're feeding our guts with fermented foods, creating multi-functional spaces in our homes and discovering what it's like to be diagnosed with autism at 45 with Laura James.

Potter at work

In Creating, we're challenging our own ideas of perfection with Yvette Streeter and focusing on slow crafting with Kay Ribeiro.

Blending tea

In Escaping, tea lover Sarah Orme visits a tea plantation in Cornwall's peaceful valleys, Sian Lewis takes us on a literary adventure and Jo Carnegie goes in search of spiritual peace on a pilgrimage holiday.

Cover illustration by Holly Maguire. Photography by Getty Images and Ellen Silverman.