Create a mini photo album of a fab holiday or occasion, then send it as a gift in a box to say thank you, or simply to share the memory. We used Canon’s Selphy printer to print our pics straight from our smartphone on to square labels, or you can glue your prints on to the concertina-style card.


You will need

  • Small craft box
  • White card
  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Scalpel or scissors
  • Canon Selphy CP1200 Wi-Fi photo printer
  • Canon square labels or photographic paper
Holiday photos in box album

Step 1

Choose your craft box. Measure the width and length of your box ready to cut the correct size card and mark out the concertina folds.

Step 2

Using a ruler and pencil, mark out a column (along the longest side of the card) that measures a few millimetres less in width than your craft box. Cut your piece of card.

Step 3

Along the length of the card, mark the concertina folds in pencil. Make as many as you like. Then, using the reverse side of your scalpel blade, score a line for each fold. Fold along the scored lines.

Step 4

Connect your phone to the Selphy printer and print your photos using square labels with borders. Or using a standard printer, print out your photos as squares on to photographic paper.

Step 5


Stick the labels onto the card concertina, or cut out your photo squares and glue them on. Place your completed photo album into the box.