Want to see what you've all been reading on calmmoment.com in 2017? We've rounded up our 10 most popular features from the last year to help keep you occupied over the holidays.


There's everything from quizzes to features and podcasts – enjoy!

How much sleep do you really need (photo by Nomao Saeki)

1. 11 tips to sleep better

In 2017, sleep was one of our biggest health concerns and we wanted to share some ways with you to get a better night's kip. Read this feature to find out how much sleep you really need and take our quiz to reveal your sleep personality.

Meditating woman

2. 7 best meditation apps for anxiety and stress

When things are hectic, a brief moment of meditation can help us find calm and reduce stress levels. One of the easiest ways to do this is with an app – explore our list of app finds and pick one to suit you.

Free stitched notebooks project from In The Moment Magazine

3. Make your own stitched journals

These stitched journals look impressive, but they're surprisingly easy to make. And you don't even need to know how to sew!

Jake Melara walking woman

4. 7 of the best walking apps for great escapes

Plan your next adventure in 2018 using these handy walking apps for Android and iPhone.

Betty Soldi, calligrapher and author of Inkspiration

5. Calligraphy for mindfulness with Betty Soldi

To master calligraphy, you need to be completely focused on what you're doing and even pay attention to your breathing. Learn about mindful calligraphy with Betty and download some free worksheets to help you get started.

Find your mantra Susannah Conway

6. Find your word – your personal mantra

Choosing your own word or personal mantra can help you focus on your goals in life, says Susanna Conway.

Mindful Christmas tips

7. 7 ways to stay mindful over Christmas and New Year

During the holiday season, keeping calm can be low down on our list of priorities, but taking care of ourselves is still important. Check out our self-care tips to help you stay chilled.

How stressed are you? Take our stress test

8. Am I stressed? Take our stress quiz

Feeling a little frazzled? Take our personality test to find out if you're suffering from stress and read our helpful relaxation ideas.

Jody Thomas illustration of a girl reading

9. Mindful deep reading: the health benefits of books

We love to curl up with a good book, so we were thrilled to find out that reading is good for us too. Research has shown that reading books can help you live longer.

Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

10. Find your inner granny podcast with Rebecca Sullivan

In our first In The Moment Magazine podcast, we met Rebecca Sullivan, author of The Art of the Natural Home to find out about sustainability and rediscovering our grandmothers' forgotten skills.