Decorate your home with button blossom jars

These cute floral displays are the ideal way to use up all those buttons, or even beads, which seem to linger in the bottom of your sewing box


Collections of old buttons can be found at any flea market or thrift store. There was a time when nothing was ever thrown away; the thinking being that in time they may be needed once again.

I can never pass by an old tin or jar of buttons. Dreams of old farmhouses with children rushing through the door holding another lost button to add to the jar fills my imagination.

One day, while admiring my button collection I wondered how I could use them so that I could see them daily. This is what I came up with: flowers, buttons, and an old jar to create a thing of beauty to me.


You Will Need

  • Buttons
  • Old jars
  • Flowers

Step 1

Pour a handful of buttons into an old jar—you only need to fill the bottom few inches.

Step 2

Add clean water and a few blossoms and that’s it! These are lovely displayed in small groups; it didn’t take me long to fill a few of these, which leaves me ready to go on another button hunt!


This make is taken from Seasonal Scandi Crafts: Over 45 projects and quick ideas for beautiful decorations and gifts by Christiane Bellstedt Myers.