Cooking and food prep can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore. More often than not, we find ourselves eating the same meals over and over again because they are quick and easy.


But nutrition and healthy eating doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Simply having some guidance and advice can make eating mindfully a much easier and more achievable option.

Podcasts are free and accessible to everyone, and there are a growing number of them talking about food and nutrition. We have put together a list of the best podcasts available to help you get inspired.

The Food Medic podcast artwork

The Food Medic

Feeling confused or unsure about the right way to adopt a healthy lifestyle? You aren’t alone. With so many fad diets and food trends, it’s difficult to really understand which foods we should be eating and which we should avoid.

Hosted by Dr Hazel Wallace, The Food Medic podcast offers advice and expert knowledge on not only leading healthier lives, but also helps you navigate through the abundance of information online.

Love food podcast artwork

The Love Food Podcast

Fed up of the constant dieting demands, Julie Duffy Dillion takes matters in to her own hands in The Love Food Podcast.

As a food behaviour expert, she investigates what healthy eating really means, and tackles more sensitive topics surrounding food, including mindful eating, body image and eating disorders.

The Plant Proof podcast artwork

The Plant Proof Podcast

Combining your personal health and the planet’s, Simon Hill welcomes like-minded people to converse and share tips and experiences to better your health and lifestyle.

With this podcast, Simon hopes to encourage his listeners to “become more mindful and conscious of how we are living, and the impact everyday decisions have on our health”. Guests include vegan body builder Nimai Delgado, neurologists Dean & Ayesha Sherzai and Red Bull athlete Patrick Seabase.

Vegetarian Zen podcast artwork

Vegetarian Zen

Thinking of going meat-free? Whether you are simply curious or are already eating a plant-based diet, Vegetarian Zen offers tips, recipes and easy conversation about living plant based and the effects it has on your health.

Hosted by Vickie Velasquez and Larissa Galenes, the podcast covers topics from autoimmune disease to “amazing vegetarian enchiladas”, this podcast is a great guide for any budding vegans.

Oh Crumbs podcast artwork

Oh Crumbs

Whether it’s by choice or intolerance, more and more people are eating gluten free.

Bloggers Sarah Howells and Laura Strange have opened the conversation in their podcast about living gluten free, welcoming guest professionals, bloggers and people living with allergies.

Don't Salt My Game podcast artwork

Don’t Salt My Game

As she lives, eats and breathes all thing wellness and nutrition, Laura Thomas PhD creates conversations with everyone from doctors to bloggers who share her passion for the world of wellness.

Honest and unafraid to expose fad diets, her podcast gives you even more reasons to look forward to Fridays.

Nutrition-ish podcast artwork


Is wellness weighing on your mind? From diets and food to healthy mindsets, nutrition experts Allie Hobson and Chelsea Gross offer insights and in-the-know conversations about all things food and nutrition, and how you can change your mindset when it comes to food.

The podcast description explains there hopes to “inspire and empower you to take control of your health, mind and body so you can become a high-vibe wellness babe.” They’ve certainly got us intrigued.

The Doctor's Kitchen podcast artwork

The Doctor’s Kitchen

With the help of fellow medical professionals, Dr Rupy Aujla uses the latest research to bring you all you need to know about healthy eating. Not only does he share his top tips, but also the best ingredients to tackle different health concerns.

His expert line-up includes ‘The Breath Guy’ Richie Bostock, Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ and a number of doctors and nutritionists, Dr Rupy has all bases covered.

Nutrition Matters podcast artwork

Nutrition Matters Podcast

Registered dietician and nutritionist Paige Smathers explores nutrition and health with the help industry professionals.

With an emphasis on struggling with food and overcoming eating disorders, Paige discusses more sensitive topics with a positive outlook, helping inspire others to continue their road to recovery.

The Mindful Dietitian podcast artwork

The Mindful Dietitian

Australian dietitian Fiona Sutherland combines mindfulness and diet to promote positivity when it comes to your body and wellbeing.

Describing the community as “strong and fabulous”, she invites a new guest every episode to encourage you to form a healthy relationship with your food.

Food for Thought podcast artwork

Food For Thought

Creating a healthy lifestyle should be simple, which is why Rhiannon Lambert has created the Food For Thought podcast to share her specialist knowledge and advice.


Having founded her own clinic and the author of a nutrition-based book, Rhiannon is more than equipped to provide guidance to others. She is also joined by experts in the field to aid you in becoming the healthiest version of you.

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