Having a healthy breakfast can really put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.


Studies have shown that eating breakfast has a variety of other health benefits too – people who eat breakfast tend to have lower rates of heart disease and lower cholesterol.

Jane and Myles Lamberth, authors of Good Vibes Cookbook have shared some of their favourite breakfast recipes with us – inspired by Ireland and surf trips around the world.

Turmeric lassi recipe

Turmeric lassi recipe with banana, fresh ginger and honey

This refreshing drink is perfect for a hot day when you need to cool off.

Ricotta hotcakes with blueberry compote recipe

Ricotta hotcakes recipe with blueberry compote and thick Greek yoghurt

These beautiful pancakes are perfect for a special Saturday breakfast.

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Mango Coconut Rice Bowl

Mango coconut rice bowl recipe with lime, ginger and mint

A simple vegan recipe with amazing flavour, this healthy breakfast bowl goes down well as a dessert, too. You need to start preparing it the day before, so plan ahead.

Dairy free smoothie

Dairy-free berry smoothie bowl recipe with coconut flakes, chia seeds and flaked almonds

This beautiful smoothie bowl is packed with nutrients and tastes amazing.

Good Vibes Cookbook by Jane and Myles Lamberth

Recipes from the Good Vibes Cookbook by Jane and Myles Lamberth, published by Orca Publications, priced £17.99.