Cardamom, almond and honey bee cookies recipe by Kim-Joy Hewlett

  • 30 cookies

Brighten up someone's day by bringing them some of these sweet bee cookies!

Honey bee biscuits recipe

BZZZZZZ these will make you bee-come an instant hit at parties, as they’re super cute but not cute enough not to be gobbled up! They look like they’re a bit of an effort to make (yet they’re so easy), so no one will think you’re winging it!



For the semolina shortbread

  • Salted butter 200g
  • Caster or granulated sugar 85g
  • Plain flour 200g
  • Fine semolina 70g
  • Ground cardamom 3/4 tsp
  • Honey
  • Flaked almonds
  • Yellow food dye

For the buttercream

  • Butter 75g, room temperature
  • Icing sugar 125g
  • Vanilla bean paste 1/2 tsp
  • Milk 1-2 tbsp

For the royal icing

  • Egg white 40g
  • Icing sugar


  • Step 1

    Line a baking sheet with baking paper. Beat the butter and sugar until smooth and fluffy. Add the flour, cardamom, yellow food colouring and semolina and mix until just combined. The dough should be slightly sticky, but soft and easy to handle. If needed, wrap in plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 10–15 minutes until firm enough to roll out.

  • Step 2

    Turn out onto a floured surface and roll out to about 3mm thick. Use cutters or templates to cut out your desired shapes, then transfer to the prepared baking sheet and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180°C [350°F/Gas mark 4].

  • Step 3

    Bake for 10–15 minutes until just lightly browned at the edges. Leave to cool for 10 minutes on the sheet, then gently transfer to a rack to finish cooling.

  • Step 4

    While the shortbread is baking, make the buttercream. Put the butter and sugar in a large bowl, then cream together until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla bean paste and mix. Add the milk to soften to a pipeable consistency, and mix well to create a fluffy buttercream.

  • Step 5

    To make the royal icing, use a stand mixer (or handheld electric whisk) fitted with a balloon whisk attachment to combine the egg white and icing sugar until you get a smooth consistency. Then add tiny amounts of extra egg white and/or icing sugar to get the right consistency. Add food dye to make it black. Transfer it to a piping bag, cut a small tip and set aside for later.

  • Step 6

    When the cookies have cooled, you are ready to sandwich them together and decorate. Pipe buttercream around the circumference of a cookie disc, then spoon in a little honey (or maple or agave syrup) in the centre. The buttercream will stop the honey leaking out! Repeat with half the discs, then sandwich with the other discs.

  • Step 7

    Pipe 3 black stripes on all the bees’ bodies. Place the piping bag into another piping bag, and cut a smaller tip to pipe the finer details of the eyes and mouth. Insert flaked almonds into the buttercream on the sides to create the bees’ wings.

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