Catch up on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Catch up on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Did you know that we have our own podcast? Each month we invite someone interesting to join us for a chat – recent topics have included giving up sugar, finding your inner strength with sisu, growing your own produce and how to feed your brain.


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Rebecca Sullivan Natural Home

Episode 1 – Find your inner granny with Rebecca Sullivan

In the first In The Moment podcast, we caught up with Rebecca Sullivan, author of The Art of the Natural Home, to talk about growing your own produce and sharing the bounty with others, ways to live sustainably and what we can learn from our grannies about reducing waste.

Listen online here.

Rachel De Thample's foraged Christmas feast

Episode 2 – Making a foraged Christmas feast with Rachel de Thample

When Rachel de Thample started growing her own veg, she hit upon the idea of growing and foraging the ingredients for her own Christmas dinner.

Check out the podcast to find out how she got on.

Listen online here.

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Christine Bailey, nutritionist

Episode 3 – How to feed your brain with Christine Bailey

Lots of diets concentrate on your body and losing weight, but there aren’t many designed to improve your brain health. That’s where nutritionist Christine Bailey, author of The Brain Boost Diet Plan, comes in. We chatted to Christine about what to eat to improve your mental focus.

Listen online here.

Hannah Bellis on the In The Moment Magazine podcast

Episode 4 – Giving up sugar with Hannah Bellis

When Hannah went to the doctor about her skin, she was surprised to be told that she needed to reduce the amount of sugar in her diet. Tune in to the podcast to find out how she got on.

Listen online here.

Sisu sauna illustration

Episode 5 – Find your inner sisu with Joanna Nylund

Learn about sisu – the new wellbeing trend from Finland – with author Joanna Nylund. We chatted to Joanna to discover how sisu helps to make Finland one of the world’s happiest countries.

Listen online here.

Lily Pebbles

Episode 6 – Lily Pebbles talks about the ‘F’ word (friendship)

Blogger Lily Pebbles talks about female friendship, how to get over a friend breakup and how go on a ‘friend date’ in this episode.

Listen online here.

Laura Wright opera singer

Episode 7 – How to use music to stay mindful with opera singer Laura Wright

Soprano Laura Wright opens up about her struggle with stress and talks about how she suffered from alopecia as a teenager. She’s found mindfulness and her love of music have helped her to keep her anxiety under control. Laura has also put together a special classical music playlist on Spotify to help you relax.

Listen online here.

Charlene Lim's sit up in bed yoga routine video

Episode 8 – Find your yoga confidence with Charlene Lim

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you go along to a yoga class when everyone else seems to confident, so we asked yoga teacher Charlene Lim to share her tips for finding your yoga mojo. In this episode, we’re also talking about the problem of competitiveness in yoga classes and the pressure some people feel to be perfect.

Listen online here.

Matt Haig

Episode 9 – Notes on a Nervous Planet with author Matt Haig

Why is modern life so stressful? That’s the question we put to Matt Haig when he joined us to talk about his new book, Notes on a Nervous Planet. It can sometimes seem as though the modern world is set up to make us anxious – phones keep us awake, social media eats up our leisure hours and we struggle to switch off. Matt talks about anxiety and how he disconnects from technology in order to relax.

Listen online here.


Episode 10 – Learn how to eat more mindfully with Francine Russell

In the rush of modern life, it can be difficult to find time to truly enjoy your food. In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Francine Russell about how to eat more mindfully and really appreciate our meals.

Listen online here.


Photos by on Unsplash, Lydia Collins, Rachel de Thample and Marcus Ahmad. Illustration by Naomi Wilkinson.