Discover Creative Thinking, your guide to using logical challenges to explore artistic expression. Whether you're a painter, poet or musician, we'll show you how puzzles, illusions, wordplay and lateral thinking can open new creative paths and encourage mindful practices.

Editor Charlotte Martyn says: "There’s an idea (a silly one, really) that everyone is either ‘arty’ or ‘sciencey’. I’m not quite sure where it comes from – school, parents, society in general, who knows – but it’s not helpful and, well, not true. Everyone has equal capacity for expressing themselves creatively as well as appreciating more ‘logical’ pursuits. We just tend to limit ourselves with unhelpful labels: ‘hopeless with numbers’, ‘tone deaf’, ‘not a poetry person’, that sort of thing.

"Well, it’s time to ditch the labels. In Creative Thinking we celebrate the crossover of the worlds of art, music, maths, poetry, technology, wordplay, puzzles, codes and more. If you consider yourself creative then embracing a spot of lateral thought can enhance your output, no matter if it ’s through poetry, papercraft or painting. Whether you find inspiration in an old geometry textbook or in the clues of the crossword in today’s newspaper, have fun exploring all aspects of your intellect…"

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Cover illustration by Benedict Blyth.