With the Easter school holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to plan ahead. The weeks spent away from the daily routine can provide space to connect with your family. And if things start to feel a little busy, it helps to have some ideas to hand that will help you all relax and be in the moment.


Crafting and baking are an easy, cheap and fun way to encourage everyone, from the oldest to the youngest members, to practice mindfulness together. And if you can keep children busy with some exciting projects, it will give you a little headspace to look after you.

Our friends at 5 Minute Fun have put together a list of free activities to keep the whole family smiling throughout the Easter break.

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Easter buns

Bake together

Crispy chocolate nests are a nostalgic and easy bake that will transport you back to your own childhood. And this recipe is simple enough for children to stir up by themselves.

The smells, textures and – of course – flavours will help to clear the mind and keep everyone in the here and now. Try these 5 ways to decorate Easter cakes.


Craft an Easter bonnet

A time-honoured favourite, this craft will bring the whole family together and can be as simple or as involved as you want to make it. Buy a straw hat to decorate with ribbon, paper flowers, foam eggs and stickers. Or go all-out and create the hat from a paper plate and craft animals from cotton wool. There's more inspiration here.


Be active

The school holidays can make you feel as though all of your time and attention must be focussed on your children, so practice some self-care throughout the holidays, too. If the weather's fine, step outside and walk to have a positive effect on your mind, body and soul. Keep children in the moment by giving them tasks to complete. They could collect fallen leaves, blow bubbles or climb a tree.

And if you find yourself stuck indoors, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Try these children's games to keep you moving.


Plan an Easter egg hunt

Easter wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt. Hide mini eggs around your house and garden and challenge the rest of the family to find them. Or, hide toys that children can swap for a prize at the end.

More like this

A craft set is an exciting gift that will bring more joy later in the day.


Send a card to someone special

Use the Easter Holidays to connect with family and friends who are far away by helping your children to make something special to send to them. Make it personal by adding a child's handprint, like this butterfly card.

Child painting easter eggs
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Have a sensory painting experience

Whether they're dipping in their feet or hands, or simply exploring the texture and colours, painting is a sensory treat for children. Give them eggs to paint or make fingerpaint pictures. Join in to help you forget your to-do list. Focussing in the process will centre you in the moment with your children.


Colour in together

Colouring in is the perfect mindful experience to share with children. And the meditative process of adding colour to a picture could help you all wind down for a peaceful bedtime. Buy everyone a new colouring book especially for the holidays. Or draw an outline for your child to fill to make it personal.

Find lots more activity ideas on 5 Minute Fun, including sensory play, mindfulness for children, easy crafts, recipes, educational activities, games and more. They're perfect for keeping children's minds busy and helping you relax with 5 minutes to yourself.


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