Listen to our Project Calm issue 7 soundtrack on Spotify

Project Calm 7 playlist

The latest issue of Project Calm comes with it’s own soundtrack!


Editor Lara Watson says: “Musing on our favourite songs about perspective, cities, cycling, writing and seeds provided an eclectic mix from the team for our first Project Calm playlist.

“The subject matter of issue 7 is as varied as there are ways of looking at things, but there’s something that holds it all together: changing views. From Maggie Rogers’s life lessons about walking off her problems in ‘Alaska’ to a triumphant finale in Tears for Fears’ ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’, we encourage you to listen to the words and think about things afresh.”

Project Calm issue 7 is on sale now in the UK.

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Project Calm cover illustration by Boyoun Kim. Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash