Project Calm 9 playlist

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Did you know we create a Spotify playlist to accompany each issue? Inspired by our features, they’re always an eclectic and easy-going mix of timeless and contemporary tracks.


For issue 9, we bring together many musical genres and all the colours of the rainbow, with some chilled tunes thrown in too, of course. Open Turin Brakes’ The Door onto a vista of shades and varied emotional landscapes. We end in gospel style with our columnist, Susannah Conway’s searing life soundtrack, courtesy of Madonna’s Nothing Fails before allowing a jaunty encore: that other pop icon of the same name, Lady Madonna, The Beatles classic (listen out for John, George and Paul’s trumpet impressions as mentioned in Cheri Percy’s ‘Sound of Music’ feature – look out for it on page 12).

Listen to the playlist on Spotify…

Project Calm playlist

Photography by Moose Photos and Burst on Pexels used under CC0 licence.