Take a moment with Ricola

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life with the help of Ricola's delicious herbal sweets.

Ricola herbs

Finding time for ourselves can be difficult in the manic modern world – and if we do manage to, we often feel guilty about it. But Ricola believes that slowing down is key to our happiness, and is dedicated to cultivating widespread wellbeing.


Through its refreshing herbal sweets, free from artificial colours and flavours, it hopes to make small moments of calm, enjoyment and appreciation possible for everyone.

Ricola’s founder, Emil Richterich, was a nature lover with a creative spirit. The Swiss master baker felt certain that the power of nature could be harnessed to create something that tasted good and served a positive purpose, and so he began experimenting with various herbal combinations.

The result was a unique 13-herb blend – now more than 80 years old, but still the basis of all Ricola sweets.

Ricola herbs

The wellbeing of the environment is equally important to Ricola. It is passionate about contributing to a world that people like to live in, which is why a great deal of attention, respect and responsibility goes into each of its products, as well as high-quality herbs.

Ricola doesn’t believe in using chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and every herb is cultivated with care in the Swiss mountains away from pollution.

So, whether you’re travelling to work, out for a walk or sitting at your desk, always remember to make time for a delicious moment of calm with Ricola’s sugar-free herbal sweets.

Ricola sweets come in LemonMint, Elderflower, Mountain Mint, Cranberry and Herbal Caramel flavours – which moment will you choose?


Ricola sweets are available to buy online at ricola.com and in store from the confectionery aisle at Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, WHSmith, Morrisons, independent health food stores and pharmacies.