Tom yum tea recipe by Rachel de Thample

  • Makes one 200ml serving

This warming tea will help to stave off any cold!

Tom yum tea recipe by Rachel de Thample

Forager, chef and food writer Rachel de Thample describes this as “a brilliant cold-busting tea that tastes rather like tom yum soup”.

Take two to three times daily when you feel a cold coming on, but avoid drinking it late at night as the ginger and cayenne make this quite a stimulating tea. 



  • Lemon 1
  • Garlic clove 1
  • fresh ginger 2cm piece
  • Cayenne pepper a pinch
  • Freshly boiled water 200ml
  • Raw honey or maple syrup 1-2 tsp


  • Step 1

    Strip the lemon zest using a vegetable peeler and put it into a mug. Squeeze in the juice (straining out the pips). Peel and grate or crush the garlic straight into the mug. Peel and grate in the ginger and add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

  • Step 2

    Pour over the freshly boiled water and steep for 5–10 minutes. Sweeten with honey or maple syrup to taste.

Tonics & Teas by Rachel de Thample is published by Kyle Books, priced £9.99. Photography by Ali Allen.