Turmeric lassi recipe with banana, fresh ginger and honey

  • 2 cups

Jane and Myles Lamberth share a Sri Lanka-inspired recipe from the Good Vibes Cookbook

Turmeric lassi recipe

On our last surf trip to Sri Lanka we became addicted to drinking lassis. A major source of probiotics, a lassi should be on your weekly smoothie list.

So, what exactly is a lassi and is it just a fancy smoothie? Well, the difference between a lassi and a smoothie is simple: In a smoothie, fruit plays the leading role. In a lassi, yogurt plays the leading role.

This lassi recipe is loaded with turmeric, which is an immune-boosting powerhouse. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and a natural pain killer. If turmeric doesn’t live in your spice cabinet yet, it should.

You can tone the amount of turmeric up or down, but if you follow the recipe below you’ll get a sweet, creamy, lemon and ginger flavour with a little bite from the ginger.



  • Plain kefir or plain organic yogurt 245g
  • Banana 1
  • fresh ginger 2 tsp, grated
  • Lemon half, juiced
  • Fresh turmeric 2 tsp, finely grated
  • Honey 1 tsp
  • Vanilla extract or ground vanilla 1 tsp
  • Ice cubes 3/4 of a cup, adds a nice frothiness


  • Step 1

    Add all ingredients to a high powered blender and blend until smooth.

  • Step 2

    Top with a sprinkle of turmeric.

  • Step 3

    Serve in a thin glass, kick back and enjoy.

Good Vibes Cookbook by Jane and Myles Lamberth

Recipes from the Good Vibes Cookbook by Jane and Myles Lamberth, published by Orca Publications, priced £17.99.