What is a Feminesse Menstrual Cup?

Feminesse menstrual cups
Published: March 26, 2018 at 12:25 pm

Feminesse aims to modernise the perceptions of women’s health, breaking down taboos and creating a world where we can openly discuss all things vagina.


At Feminesse we like to think that all women have the right to feel confident and believe in their choice. Whether that choice be what they do, what they wear or what they say.

When it comes to women’s health, Feminesse has got that covered. When it comes to periods, well, why don’t you decide?

Feminesse menstrual cup

So what is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup usually looks like a small(ish) bell with a stem. They are worn internally, similar to a tampon, but instead of absorbing your period, your blood is collected in the cup. Not absorbing your period, alongside natural secretions, means that cups can help maintain your natural pH. This leaves you less prone to infections while also avoiding vaginal dryness (something many women notice after using tampons).

The great thing about menstrual cups compared to other sanitary products is that they are reusable which means they have a whole range of benefits. Instead of disposing the cup, you simply wash it and re-use. The cup’s ability to be reused makes it awesome for releasing your inner eco-warrior whilst also saving you money each month. How’s that for a win-win!

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Okay, and a Feminesse Menstrual Cup?

We believe that a Feminesse menstrual cup is a swagger-worthy, confidence-inducing and just down-right-amazing sanitary protection! So that you can come up with your own description, here’s all you need to know about the Feminesse Menstrual Cups.

A Feminesse Menstrual Cup has all the benefits of menstrual cups mentioned above, with the added benefit of being foldable and coming complete with a travel case.

What we mean when we say it is foldable, is that the cup can be folded to nearly flat. The cup can collapse down to half a fraction of the size and fits inside the cute blue travel case provided.

Every box of the Feminesse Menstrual Cup includes a silicone travel case (which can also be used when cleaning the cup!), a clear medical grade silicone menstrual cup and a handy leaflet explaining how to use it.

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