7 ways to be mindful in the autumn and make the most of the season

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons and it's a great time of year to try some mindful activities from photowalking to leaf art.

Woman throwing autumn leaves in the air

Summer has its attractions (sun, ice cream, light evenings), but we’re big fans of autumn too.


Autumn is a magical season and there are lots of things we love, from the leaves turning to Christmas twinkling on the horizon. And the weather’s often better than in the summer (at least in the UK).

The darker evenings can have a negative effect on our moods, particularly for Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers, so it’s important to look after ourselves at this time of year.

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There are lots of ways to live well in the autumn and connect with nature, so we’ve rustled up a few ways to get the most from the season. Bring on the woolly jumpers, snuggly blankets, autumn walks and hot chocolate!

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Creative artist Ellie Beck


Create mindful leaf art

Australian artist Ellie Beck finds inspiration in the rainforest surrounding her home in Northern New South Wales. When she goes out on walks, she likes to collect interesting leaves in order to make beautiful wild leaf art. Find out how to make your own leaf art.

Autumn photo walking


Go photowalking

Bring meaning to your walks by taking your camera out with you. Tracey Ellis loves to let her feet and creativity roam free. She says: “Nothing gets me out of bed quicker than opening my blinds to the sun rising over Salisbury Plains, dramatic clouds racing across the sky, or a blanket of mist hovering over the town.” Discover how to photowalk.

Drink coffee mindfully and other great ways to stay calm in the autumn


Try mindful coffee drinking

One of the best things about autumn is that it gives an excuse to slow down and cosy up indoors. Eva Maria Smith loves stopping to take a mindful coffee break and says it’s one of the best parts of her day. Grind some coffee and pause for a mindful coffee break.

Autumn hiking is a brilliant way to relax and connect with nature


Take an autumn hike

Autumn is when our forests and national parks come into their own, with misty valleys and vibrant foliage. If you’re not sure of where to go, take a look at our round-up of the best walking apps to search for routes in your area.

Gather twigs, pinecones and foliage to make a beautiful autumn wreath


Get crafty

It’s really easy to fashion your own autumn wreath using leaves, twigs and plants from the hedgerow. Wire wreath frames can be bought cheaply from your local florist. To make your wreath, simply layer up your plants working around the edge so that each layer covers up the bottom of the previous layer. Add some rough twine for a rustic touch.

Gather blackberries on your walks – it's one of our favourite things to do in the autumn


Go foraging

You don’t need to be an expert forager to try your hand at gathering edible plants while out on one of your walks. Blackberries can be safely gathered for crumbles, sloes make for great gin and rosehips can be used to make beautiful jellies. Read this great foraging guide for beginners to discover what’s out there.

Gather pinecones


Bring nature indoors

It’s easy to bring nature into your home and create stylish decorations. Pine cones can be placed in a jar or bowl and used to give any room a natural vibe.


Photod by Cecile Vedemil, Bethany Fankhauser,  Kristopher RollerAnnie Spratt, Nine Köpfer, David Norman and Maria Shanina on Unsplash