Winter Solstice, also known as hibernal solstice and midwinter, is the shortest day and longest night of the year,” says kundalini yoga teacher Sirgun (, who’s devised this midwinter ritual for us.


“Traditionally a pagan festival, it’s also a great way for anyone to observe this important natural event and set some new intentions. “The term solstice means ‘sun stands still’. It’s from this day that we begin to move back toward the light.

As the sun returns to the sky we’re gifted the opportunity of renewal, rebirth and ultimately the choice to begin again. Use this day to look back over the past twelve months and commit to moving away from frustration, disappointment, anger or resentment and choose forgiveness of ourselves and others.”

A meditation of forgiveness Find a journal or perhaps create a solstice evening with some close friends. This is a beautiful kundalini yoga meditation that’s perfect to practise with a group of friends or on your own.

Beforehand: reflect as a group or on your own on the following:

  • Who in my life do I want to forgive?
  • Where in my life have I been judging myself?
  • Can I find forgiveness for myself?
  • What are the most important aspects of my life?
  • What truly matters to me?
  • What is my ultimate intention for the new year?

Get settled

Sit with a straight spine in a chair or cross-legged. Rest your hands on your knees. Repeat in silence: “I forgive everyone for everything they have ever done to harm me.” Continue to say this silently for three minutes. Exhale and relax. When we extend forgiveness to another, anger and resentment can be released.

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Forgive and forget

Stay seated. Silently repeat: “I ask for and receive forgiveness for everything I have ever done to harm others.” Practise for three minutes. To end, inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhale and relax. When we ask for and receive forgiveness, guilt and shame can be dissolved.


Bring in the light

Lie on your back. Silently repeat: “I forgive myself; I dwell in love and light.” Practise for five minutes. To finish, inhale and hold the breath for a few seconds. Exhale and relax.

This articles was first published in Mindful Christmas magazine in 2018.