Welcome to Mindful Christmas, a magazine with different ideas about how we can ‘do’ Christmas. Given that it’s supposed to be the season of goodwill and happiness, why does it sometimes become the season of excess and exhaustion, of anxiety and family rows? We love Christmas, but the pressure to make it perfect can be a little too much at times. So how can we change this? How do we rediscover the joys of Christmas and make it truly the most wonderful time of the year?


We’ve learned that delegation and managing expectations are skills put to good use during festive celebrations; that buying less, making more and sharing the preparing can turn chores into togetherness. We’ve asked mindful experts to create meditations to guide us through the season’s stresses and we’ve discovered great ideas for sustainable gifts and original ways to decorate our homes. Finding out about family traditions and rituals that unite generations, create bonds and make everyone smile has been a great pleasure too. And we mustn’t forget the delicious food and drink recipes to try out for all your special celebrations.

We hope our discoveries help you to enjoy a festive season full of fun, wellness and happy days.

This issue also includes a free 16-page vegan entertaining supplement.

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Read on to discover what's inside the magazine…

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Friends and family

Start your own creative traditions, try an alternative midwinter celebration, learn how to say no when Christmas gets stressful, rethink how we give gifts to children and send meaningful messages by putting pen to paper.

Holidays and downtime

Discover how a pre-Christmas mini break can help you to prepare for the festive season, embrace an overseas Christmas, relax with five calming meditations to soothe your body and mind, use yoga to find your balance over the winter holidays and get outside to find a whole world of winter fun for free.

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Homes and decor

Find out about the benefits of a rented Christmas tree, embrace nordic traditions with Scandinavian decor, bring the outdoors inside to decorate your home, make a mindful advent calendar, decorate your home the vintage way and make simple table settings for festive feasts.

Woman holding a stack of presents
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Giving and gifting

Try sustainable gift giving that won't harm the planet, find meaningful gifts by looking for vintage or antique items, put together sustainable stockings, gather friends for a festive crafting session and stop offline in your local area.


Food and drink

Create vegan Christmas feast, get plant-based inspiration from chef Jackie Kearney and find out why more people are celebrating a 'sober-curious' Christmas.