This month, we've been thinking about (and yes, experiencing) stress.


"It’s a feeling so prevalent in our modern world that barely a day goes by when many of us don’t feel our breath quickening, our mood flitting between anxiety, frustration, anger, even panic," says In The Moment editor Kirstie Duhig.

"Many of us are so used to living with stress that we barely notice those little tension spikes that cause us to be short-tempered with our partner/ colleagues/friends.

"I can certainly hold my hand up and say that some days the role of ‘working mum’ is a 15-hour shift with self-care relegated to the very bottom of the list (and doesn’t my partner know it)."

Dr Rangan Chatterjee (photo by Susan Bell)
Susan Bell

In this issue of In The Moment, we're looking at how to manage our stress levels, how to set boundaries at work, how to quieten our inner critic and much more.

Plus this issue comes with 'Your Little Book of Calm and Focus' by Harriet Griffey to help you clear your mind, de-stress and concentrate.

Each month we're giving away a free feature from the issue – this month find out how to handle imposter syndrome with Gabrielle Treanor.

Read on to find out what else is in store inside issue 23…

Women at work


In the Wellbeing section, we're discovering the determination we need to achieve our goals, meeting five empowering women, setting boundaries at work for a calmer day with Dr Rangan Chatterjee, stopping self-doubt, learning how to switch off negative behaviour patterns with hypnotherapy and more.


We're celebrating the new season with indoor spring bulbs and cuttings, moving with the seasons on our yoga mats, nourishing our skin with rose water remedies and learning about sustainable style.

Macrame project from In The Moment Magazine


In Creating, we find out how to tackle the learning curve that comes with every creative endeavour and getting to grips with mindful macrame.


This month we're discovering hidden gems beside the Thames with a spot of mudlarking, exploring ruggedly beautiful New Zealand and find calm with kayaking.

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Cover illustration by Esther Curtis.