This month's issue definitely has a summery feel! In the latest issue of In The Moment, we're discovering how to conquer self-doubt, creating a beautiful sustainable home and much more.


Editor Kirstie Duhig says: "Commissioning the illustration for this month’s cover began with a conundrum – how could we portray this issue’s theme without the obvious metaphors – insurmountable peaks, lions, tigers, superhero poses – none of these felt very mindful.

"Then we realised, there are many subtler, yet no less powerful, ways to tap into our inner Wonder Woman – because bravery comes in many forms. Facing a physical challenge is certainly courageous, but so is starting a new job, going on a first date, saying yes in a room full of nos, saying no in a room full of yeses...

"And what is bravery if not the confidence to be ourselves; to accept new challenges – big or small; to step out of our comfort zone – on tiptoe or sure-footed. We are all brave in our own way every day – because every day we all face our own challenges and deal with our own fears and insecurities.

"Our features this issue are about nurturing that courageous self – to help us move through moments of anxiety and self-doubt, so that we feel ready to take on new challenges and thrive. So there are no lions or tigers on this issue’s cover – our gentle illustration reflects the quiet confidence that helps us be our bravest selves – because inside we are all wonder women."

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This issue also comes with a mindful activity book packed with puzzles, colouring pages and sudoku.

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In this issue, we're using body language and posture to build our confidence, challenging ourselves with yoga, connecting with others through conversation and Katie Silverthorne talks about living with an invisible illness.


Discover how the simple act of mindful painting can calm the busiest of minds and pick your summer reads.


Find out how cooking with CBD oil could help to ease anxiety, low mood and PMS, try some easy ideas to help make your home more sustainable and stylish and shift your perspective through volunteering.


Visit Santa Barbara and meet the female entrepreneurs making wine (and waves) in California and go on a healing retreat to find your inner strength.


Cover illustration by Esther Curtis.