Sometimes we feel like we've lost our creative mojo and it can be hard to find inspiration. Don't worry though, because Jocelyn de Kwant, author of Creative Flow: A Year in my Mindful Life has some great tips to help you get your muse back again, from appreciating the natural world around us to practising observation skills.


Find a notebook or sketchpad and get started!


Draw a leaf

Find a tree leaf and draw it on the page. Note five things about it, such as its shape, colour and texture.


Find a quiet space

Find a peaceful place to quieten your mind and listen to the sounds of nature talking to you. Jot down what you can hear if you ignore all human sounds.


Write down your tiny pleasures

Forget about skydiving, make a bucket list of tiny daily pleasures. Keep your wishes as small – and achievable – as possible. What would you like to do or experience more of?


What is your favourite day of the week and why?

Do you love Wednesdays? Write down why!


Liven up your daily chores

Liven up your daily chores by putting on some music. It’s a small change that can make a big difference. You might even end up dancing on a Monday morning. Jot down four of your favourite energising songs.


Say 'no' to distractions

A ‘no’ to trivial distractions is a ‘yes’ to a more focussed and fulfilling day. Name some of the trivial distractions that occur on your usual day.

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Creating with paper

Use your other hand

Doing something with your left hand when you normally use your right hand (or the other way around) wakes up your brain. Write a paragraph about your day with your ‘other’ hand.


Time to play

Draw a picture for your inner child! There’s nothing more exciting than the idea of a hideout way up in the trees for just you and your friends, with a secret password and a wealth of stories that fizz in the imagination. Design your own treehouse to play, retreat and imagine in. Think of any extras, like a slide or a basket to pull up treasure and midnight snacks.


Appreciate your hands

Have you ever watched the wonder of a baby discovering their hands for the first time? It’s a magical moment and one that’s too easily forgotten. Stop what you’re doing right now and pay attention to your hands for a moment. Notice the shapes of the fingers, the way they move, the lines and veins that make you unique. Fill in this outline with your findings.


Ask a friend to draw you

Ask a friend or family member to draw you and point out the things that he/she loves about you.


Creative Flow: A Year in my Mindful Life by Jocelyn de Kwant is published by Quarto, £12.99.