With spring in the air, this month we're all about new beginnings and spring-cleaning our lives.


In The Moment Magazine editor Kirstie Duhig says: "This month we have been thinking about our bodies – about how we feel about nakedness (read our feature on Finnish saunas for a fresh perspective!) and how we look after and fuel our bodies.

"We talked to nutritional therapist and women’s health expert Maria Bez about how to adapt our diets to suit our age and stage. While the principles of healthy eating stay the same over a lifetime, I was surprised to learn just how much we need to adjust both what we eat and how we exercise as we move from one life stage to the next. (I have been poaching a lot of eggs since reading Maria’s advice!)"

Also this month, we talked to sisu expert and author Joanna Nyland. This Finnish concept describes a hardy mix of resilience, inner strength, stoicism and a love of the great outdoors. "I’m a big fan of stoicism," says Kirstie. "It’s a word I taught my then five-year-old daughter on a long (we got lost) and rainy walk around the New Forest, when she had no choice but to keep putting her tired little feet one in front of the other (my inner strength and upper body strength not being of equal measure). Years later she still remembers the walk, if not always the sentiment!

"You can listen to Joanna talk more about inner strength on this month's podcast – listen here. We'd love to hear what you think!"

If that's not enough, this month's mag also comes with your 8-page mini magazine Take a Moment, visualisation sleep aid cards and beautiful label stickers.

Read on to find out what else is in store inside the Spring issue…

Letting go of stress

In Wellbeing, we're embracing the season and spring-cleaning our bodies and minds, discovering our inner sisu, saying good night to insomnia, letting go of stress and discovering what charcoal can do for our skin.

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Cover illustration by Mateja Kovac.